Odamex Repository Changelog

The current repository revision: 5523
The last change was made by Russellrice on 2016-11-01 +0000 (Tue, 01st Nov 2016)


Remove duplicate SDL2 libraries from the client codeblocks project

Rev. Date Author Comment
5523 2016-11-01 Russellrice Remove duplicate SDL2 libraries from the client codeblocks project
5522 2016-10-29 Russellrice Merge the SDL20 branch back into trunk
5521 2016-10-29 Russellrice Merge from trunk into sdl20
5520 2016-10-29 Russellrice Apply AlexMax's patch from bug 1200 to improve crash handling under *nix and windows (with msvc)
5519 2016-10-28 Russellrice Apply AlexMax's patch from bug 1195 to the server as well
5518 2016-10-27 Dr_sean Apply AlexMax's patch to fix crashes due to stale entries in the NormalLight linked list when changing WAD files (bug 1195)
5517 2016-10-25 Mike Make co_globalsound useful (credit to whomever, this has been sitting in my local copy for a long time)
5516 2016-10-25 Mike Merge from trunk
5515 2016-10-24 Russellrice - Incorporate vsnprintf code from textscreen for VPrintf for both server and client
- Remove + 1 and use MAX_LINE_LENGTH in server instead of a magic number
5514 2016-10-24 Russellrice - Apply workarounds to the textscreen library to get it building and running
- Update textscreen project with bew files
- ENDOOM screen works again, but it has been left disabled for now
5513 2016-10-24 Russellrice - Sync with textscreen from chocolate-doom sdl2 branch (f5b0462), it will not build yet
- Delete duplicate folder
5512 2016-10-24 Russellrice - Disable thread naming on windows with SDL 2.0.5 and certain GDB versions (tested with 7.8.1 and 7.9.1) as this causes an exception to be raised
- This will occur with any SDL app calling SDL_Init(SDL_INIT_TIMER) for example
5511 2016-10-23 Russellrice Apply patch 550 from bug 1202 to fix the server crashing due to revenant missile puffs, thanks AlexMax!
5510 2016-10-23 Russellrice Apply patch from bug 1201 to fix crashing after I_FatalError is called, thanks AlexMax!
5509 2016-10-21 Russellrice - Add "direct3d" to the driver list since sdl 2.0.5 fixes the bug with a mismatching pixel format
- This was actually already fixed with the very early ISDL20TextureWindowSurfaceManager class addition, since that specified the pixel format to sdl that we wanted to use
5508 2016-10-20 Dr_sean Apply a patch from AlexMax to address a crash that occurs when skipping between netdemo snapshots due to the music system not being properly shutdown (big 1199).
5507 2016-10-20 Dr_sean Apply a patch from AlexMax to resolve "spynext" command issues (bug 1104). Thanks!
5506 2016-10-16 Russellrice Merge from trunk
5505 2016-10-16 Russellrice Apply patch #2 from bug 1198 with added return types, thanks AlexMax!
5504 2016-10-15 Russellrice - Attenuation gets set later
- Move over changes from client
5503 2016-10-15 Dr_sean Fix a compilation error due to a missing #include
5502 2016-10-15 Dr_sean Fix a compiler warning
5501 2016-10-13 Russellrice - Fix a portability warning and general warnings reported by cppcheck
5500 2016-10-13 Russellrice - Fix a couple of bugs reported by cppcheck
5499 2016-10-12 Russellrice Use the command buffer instead