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Title: Velocity X: Mechanix Edition
Post by: Decay on April 23, 2012, 20:37:51
It's coming!

The sequel to Velocity CTF, Velocity II is looking to have some more abstract maps and concepts, as well some heavy slug outs with wicked pace.

Velocity II will be undergoing a far more stringent testing and detail checking than Velocity I, and as such anyone is more than welcome to come help us test.

So far, we have maps 13-19. Some screenshots!


As always, if you have an interest in actually submitting a map to velocity, or want to test it, you can find the me and the latest updates in #mxu on quakenet primarily, or find me in #odamex
Title: Re: Velocity II: The Abstraction
Post by: Dr. Sean on April 23, 2012, 22:58:32
Sweet!  I just added a few of the more straight-forward Velocity I maps to my server's rotation and plan on gradually introducing my regulars to the rest of Velocity I.  I'd look forward to Velocity II even if you weren't planning to raise the bar!
Title: Re: Velocity II: The Abstraction
Post by: Hekksy on April 24, 2012, 06:44:41
Sexy! Can't wait to play it :)
Title: Re: Velocity II: The Abstraction
Post by: capodecima on April 24, 2012, 07:12:27
This is looking very cool, cant wait to play it :p
Title: Re: Velocity II: The Abstraction
Post by: Decay on April 26, 2012, 17:57:18
Thanks guys!

First round of testing is slated for this weekend, and I'll be handling most of the stuff from #mxu, so come on out if you're interested.
Title: Re: Velocity II: The Abstraction
Post by: HumanBones on April 27, 2012, 01:36:31
Looking forward to it for sure! Screenshots look awesome. Always happy to see new CTF wads being made, especially when they are pretty damn good.
Title: Re: Velocity II: The Abstraction
Post by: Decay on May 01, 2012, 17:29:36
So, first tests and impressions were held on sunday, and unfortunately the move towards more "abstract" ideas did not go over as smoothly as I had hoped, but that doesn't mean to say all the maps were bad~

Heavenwraith seems to have produced another winner, some maps just need a little reforming/touch-ups and others were tossed. As a result of the testing, I've decided to go back to making what made the first velocity great: sheer intensity.

I'm hoping to get a new build out by this weekend for another round of testing.

Here's my first new offering, Decay Industries
Title: Re: Velocity II: The Abstraction
Post by: Decay on May 07, 2012, 18:12:55

Here is what will likely be velocity II's maplist. 10 maps (13-22), resource wad merged with said maps. This is only a really rough sketch, most of the maps are not detailed at all, but I'm just trying to get a solid maplist first.

Please leave some thoughts, i really need to know what you guys think of the maps as they are so far so we can improve layouts, gameplay, etc

map13: DTDsphere by DTDsphere
map14: Industrial Waste Sewers by Decay
map15: The E4-Themed Reject by Kamai
map16: 2 Pronged Snake by Shane
map17: A Simple Complex by Decay
map18: 360 Kick Spin by Shane
map19: Clash of Empires by Shane
map20: DECAY INDUSTRIES by Decay
map21: Save the Universe by Heavewraith
map22: Chernobyl's Requiem by Kamai

Take a browse, let me know what you like, don't like, etc. It's very helpful to know what isn't liked ahead of time!
Title: Re: Velocity II: The Abstraction
Post by: Decay on May 09, 2012, 15:40:47
http://speedy.sh/BDp6z/beta7.zip just your average update. Gameplay wise, this version is pretty important I'd say, please leave me your comments if you could!
Title: Re: Velocity II: The Abstraction
Post by: Decay on June 13, 2012, 12:39:33

Took way too long to do this, but here is RC 1! Design to be paired with velocity I, i added mapinfo that changes the titles of the first veloctf.wad to not include the author names. If hosting both wads, this wad gets priority.

As always, if you have anything to say about the maps in any respect, I am open ears to suggestions and critique.
Title: Re: Velocity II: The Abstraction
Post by: Pseudoscientist on June 18, 2012, 07:55:32
Decay you must have noticed this already but level 18 is missing bridge things in center
Title: Re: Velocity II: The Abstraction
Post by: Decay on June 18, 2012, 11:45:02
Thank you for telling me, I did not notice. Honestly I wasn't anticipating such a mistake, though the reason behind this is simple: the author didn't test in odamex. He decided to use 3d mid texes instead of bridge things, and thus did not realize they don't work in odamex. Fixed.


RC2 to remedy this.
Title: Re: Velocity II: The Abstraction
Post by: Decay on June 20, 2012, 14:57:49
http://speedy.sh/mVnyk/RC3.zip I think this will be the last beta, so if anyone has any issues they wish to bring forward about the pack, now is the time to do so!
Title: Re: Velocity II: The Abstraction
Post by: Decay on June 24, 2012, 20:04:36

Alex gave me a bunch of suggestions, which I implemented.

Features that changed from RC3 to 4

- Cut off a bunch of extra paths and recesses in 13
- Redetailed parts of 14 and changed the cell packs to charges
- darkened 15 by 1 gradient (14 points all around)
- Extended the midfield/river in 16 and changed the music
- Raised up the puddles in 18 so you don't get stuck as easily, as well as changed the music.
- 19 was extensively remodeled and the mid is considerably bigger
- Minor details changed on 20
- Same for 21
- 22 the roof got raised in the mid and around the base to make it more obvious where to go.
Title: Re: Velocity II: The Abstraction
Post by: Decay on July 27, 2012, 08:47:03
I underwent a large discussion with Dusk about this project this morning, and we came to a conclusion that will see the expansion of this project, and obviously a much more pushed back anticipated release date (I planned the final release in a week or two).

Velo III is not going to materialize. Ever. So we decided to expand this project to 20 maps instead of 10 for a couple of reasons.

1: Currently Velocity II is a little disappointing in all respects, especially in comparison to Velocity I. This is due to a few fundamental differences in the project progression:

- Lack of testing and feedback; as a result the maps are somewhat bizarre and lack lustre in terms of layout and design

- Lack of direction; Velocity I was geared specifically for 3v3 and 4v4 play, this wasn't. As a result, Velocity II is more or less a half-assed attempt at an expansion pack basically

- Uncaring standards for texturing. With Velocity I, we wanted to stand apart from the other ctf wads by creating great looking maps and unique layouts. While these layouts are certainly.... "unique," they don't look great.

2: Most of the mappers at MXU don't play much anymore, and don't have as much time to map, and we don't want to start up a separate project for Velo III

3: Expanding the pack to maps13-32 gives us the time to properly test, modify, and better the current mapset, along with pulling out far superior designs and layouts. Why settle for a crappy release after a good one, when you can have two good ones?

In saying this, we are also welcoming anyone who would like to contribute a map to the pack. Just drop me a line in #mxu on quakenet, or #mechanixunion on zandronum's IRC, or visit our site here http://mxu.the-powerhouse.net/forums/
Title: Re: Velocity X: Mechanix Edition
Post by: Decay on October 06, 2012, 16:59:06
I present to you the latest velocity CTF beta, containing 28 maps! Some of these are still in layout only shape, but all are indeed playable, and I am really looking for some feedback on the layouts!

Notably this beta contains changes to the first 12 maps as well. Most of those changes are minor, such as texture changes, but the biggest differences are seen in map11 (new gate for the one way tele) and an overhaul of map10.

Give it a run, and see what you like, don't like, etc, and post up some feedback.

Currently the maplist sits at: 01-22, 24-28, 32. Obviously the rest of the maps are coming in, albeit slowly. However, if you wish to donate or contribute to this pack in anyway (detailer, new layout, new maps, etc), just post or drop into #mechanixunion and talk to somebody there.

Last and not least, http://speedy.sh/6s8BN/veloXbeta2.zip

Hopefully it "sucks less" than before!
Title: Re: Velocity X: Mechanix Edition
Post by: Decay on November 15, 2012, 20:39:40
The final post!

So guys, here it is. After one year, and 8 months after the original 12 maps debuted, a really shitty attempt at a sequel, I present to you the final version of Velocity CTF.


The credit list is pretty long, I owe a big thanks to a lot of people for making this happen.

The mappers!
Credits to Dusk, Shane, Heavenwraith, Kamai, Exl, Omegamax, Remmirath, and Synert for putting out such an array of quality pieces.

The testers and servers!
Throughout the life of velocity I owe big thanks to a bunch of people for testing, but these people in particular helped us out a lot with bug finding, suggestions, tune ups, and tips. Without good servers the quality of testing that we got simply would not have existed. Without these people, the pack would probably be considerably less quality. Credits to Hex9109, HumanBones, Alexmax, Ralphis, Dr. Sean, Evolution, Soulsucka, Qent, Swiftshot, Razgriz, Konar6, AF-Domains, TheToxicAvenger, and even Capo.

Extra little bits!
For various artistry, thanks to Punisher and Dusk, for creating wicked graphics. Disintegrator and Heavenwraith for extra midi sequencing!

Special thanks to Dusk for creating a huge variety of custom and new textures for this pack, bug testing, and extra detailings; without him the pack simply would not be what it is.

The credit list is in the wadinfo that is located within the wad itself.

The complete maplist:

MAP01 - Rotated Infinity by Dusk
MAP02 - Crypts of Eternity by Decay
MAP03 - and Hell Captured by Dusk
MAP04 - Industrial Nukage Mining by Dusk
MAP05 - Gun Shy by Kamai
MAP06 - Generatrix by Decay
MAP07 - Tyr's One-Wheeled Bicycle by
MAP08 - Bleak Outlook by Synert
MAP09 - Swap Meet by Shane
MAP11 - Winter Sacrifice by Decay
MAP12 - Complex Beta by Decay
MAP13 - Stand-Off by Decay
MAP14 - Industrial Waste Sewers by Decay
MAP15 - The E4-Themed Reject by Kamai
MAP16 - Heavy Water by Omegamax
MAP17 - Return to the Crypts by Decay
MAP18 - Clash of Empires by Shane
MAP19 - Alpine Insurrection by Shane / Decay /
MAP21 - Save the Universe! by Heavenwraith / Dusk
MAP22 - Chernobyl's Requiem by Kamai
MAP23 - Radial Ruins by Omegamax
MAP24 - Remmi's Wrath by Remmirath
MAP25 - Mount Idle by Shane
MAP26 - Mortal Revulsion by Exl
MAP27 - Corrupt Technology by Decay
MAP28 - Deathgrind by Dusk
MAP29 - Sound Familiar? by Shane
MAP30 - Artificial Valley by Heavenwraith / Dusk
MAP31 - Charon Orbit by Dusk
MAP32 - Complex Delta by Decay

Last of all, thank you, the players, for actually making this worthwhile (mostly). Please enjoy the pack, I understand that not every map will please everyone, but I guarantee that you will find something you enjoy in the pack.