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Title: Bug Tracker Cleanup Initiative - April 2008 - r565
Post by: Ralphis on April 10, 2008, 20:41:03
After taking some time to look through the bug tracker it is apparent that there may be bugs which are resolved but unmarked so in the tracker. This is not conducive to the development of Odamex.

In light of this, I am beginning a new Bug Tracker Cleanup Initiative which promotes community and personal involvement and investment in Odamex. This will hopefully lead to a healthier, more manageable project for our programmers and encourage project growth.

The way to get involved is easy! All you have to do is let me know by means of this thread, IRC, or other method of contact that you would like to participate in the program and then, after your credentials are evaluated, you will be assigned the numbers of open bugs in our tracker.


Revision 565 or greater is REQUIRED for this. For Windows users, you can get revision 565 here (http://downloads.sourceforge.net/doomsvnbuilds/odamex-r565-win32.zip?modtime=1207949865&big_mirror=0). Users of other platforms will have to build their own copy of revision 565.

Your job is to identify or try to reproduce the bug in your current client. PLEASE SPECIFY THE PLATFORM YOU ARE RUNNING ON.

If you cannot reproduce the bug but you are 100% sure that the bug does not exist anymore you will mark the bug SOLVED (in this thread, not the tracker). DO NOT MARK A BUG SOLVED IF YOU ARE NOT 100% SURE IT IS SOLVED. READ DOWN FOR FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS.

If you can identify the bug you will mark the bug OPEN. Additionally, if you have any new information as to how the bug is reproducible or anything else useful, you should report any new findings to the bug tracker immediately.

If you cannot reproduce the bug but are not sure that it is corrected you will mark the bug UNSURE. This may or may not be the most common response we'll receive. We'll have to see how this goes.

While it is important to find any new information on a bug, it is not the main goal of this program. The main goal is simply put to determine the legitimacy of any bugs still in the Tracker (some of which have been open for over 2 years!). However if you do find new information pertaining to a bug you are responsible for, PLEASE REPORT IT!

Any bug in which you have not attended to please mark PENDING.

Upon signing up you will be assigned anywhere from between 5 to 10 bugs. A list of those who are signed up, the bugs they are responsible for, and the reported status of those bugs will be located directly under this information.

Although a list of all open bugs will be located in this post as well, please only focus on solving the bugs you have been assigned. After you have solved the status of some of your assigned bugs, you will be assigned more. If you prove reliable, the specific field in which your bugs are assigned may be negotiable where applicable (i.e. Sound, CTF, etc).

Only game play specific bugs will be included in this particular initiative. Enhancement bugs will not be included in this particular initiative.

The projected goal is to report and complete the status of all current open bugs by April 25th. Let's see if we can pull together and get the ball rolling towards the summer season (or winter for those of you in the southern hemisphere).

Ant P:
103 - Reimplement intermission screen (check through bug comments for more information) PENDING
109 - Partial death animation PENDING
143 - Ceiling/floor edge render problem OPEN
287 - Incorrect E1M4 door+lift behavior (somebody please test in chocodoom as well to confirm this bug) PENDING
400 - 'Allow Freelook' switch broken PENDING

92 - CTF: 3-team ctf scoreboard PENDING
120 - Mouse strafe reverse. PENDING
134 - Animated sprites with transparency are distorted on certain resolutions PENDING
211 - Renderer problem: Slows down when you look at a wall. PENDING
265 - Sound handling on ExM8/MAP08 (will assign this to a UD member if they sign up as I believe this bug occurred on RottKing's castle UDMX map. Please get back to me) PENDING

135 - Various sounds are played multiple times at once PENDING
216 - hr2final.wad menu does not render properly PENDING
289 - Multiple "oof" sounds when hitting a floor (Duplicate of Bug 135? Please confirm) PENDING
333 - Silent bfg does not work for opponents PENDING
380 - Team Damage Issue PENDING


18 - Incorrect sector data on connect
32 - make coop work
42 - sprite-level zfighting
86 - CTF: sv_soundteam problems
167 - Consistency of weapon firing feedback (visible / audible)
181 - Missing sounds (Scroll down to my comment and test everything unrelated to the wallhack issue)
188 - Rendering error when eye is level with the floor
206 - Boom-enhanced errors
215 - Weapon pickup at spawn
224 - Remote Door Server/Client Disagreement
228 - could not respawn with r1714 (try your best to reproduce. I believe this might be a poorly reported bug)
260 - Respawn facing direction you died
269 - Weapons shoot wrong ammo upon autoswitching
274 - buffer overflow with player-player visual check (comment 2)
283 - Teamplay issues (comment 1 bullets 1, 3, and 4)
288 - Too fast sprite frameswitching
293 - Ghost Monsters in Coop (needs extensive testing)
304 - Weapon Pickup Doesnt Switch
384 - Teamsay/messagemode2 broken
Title: Re: Bug Tracker Cleanup Initiative - April 2008 - r565
Post by: Nautilus on April 10, 2008, 20:46:07
I'm all for it.
Title: Re: Bug Tracker Cleanup Initiative - April 2008 - r565
Post by: Ant P. on April 11, 2008, 17:16:08
Title: Re: Bug Tracker Cleanup Initiative - April 2008 - r565
Post by: Ralphis on April 12, 2008, 15:47:20
Alright. Nautilus and Ant, you have been added and assigned a few bugs. Please try and get these done as quick as possible. Also, what platforms are you both running?
Title: Re: Bug Tracker Cleanup Initiative - April 2008 - r565
Post by: Ant P. on April 12, 2008, 16:25:01
OS: Gentoo.

Anyway... (now in some sort of actual order)

Title: Re: Bug Tracker Cleanup Initiative - April 2008 - r565
Post by: Nautilus on April 17, 2008, 08:37:17
I'm running Windows XP Professional Edition.

92 - This needs to be tested with at least three people with the appropriate CTF settings.
120 - Have been unable to reproduce this bug.
134 - I was able to reproduce this bug at all resolutions except 320 x 200, 640 x 400, 1280 x 800, and 1280 x 1024.
211 - Have been unable to reproduce this bug.
265 - I was able to reproduce this bug on Doom 2 MAP08; it acts the same way as it does on MAP08 of UDMX. Other maps don't seem to have this problem.