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Title: Odamex 0.9.0 Released
Post by: Hekksy on March 22, 2021, 14:39:25
** This is a required update **

* The Release *

Odamex 0.9.0 has officially been released! Huge credit to AlexMax, Ch0wW, Ralphis, Hobomaster, Hyper_Eye, Manc, DeathEgg,  pmjdebruijn, and Ru5tK1ng for all of their contributions that made this release possible. Read on to view a more comprehensive changelog.

* Introducing Mouse Polling *
Despite the strives we made for a better mouse with 0.8.3, resident coder Hobomaster still dug into reported issues and discovered more ways to reduce latency via mouse polling. After a lot of testing and feedback from veteran competitive players, the mouse feels amazing now!

* Changelog *

There are a lot of details with this release, but what you need to know is listed below:

New Features
Third-party code contributions

* Going Forward *

Many under-the-hood changes have been implemented into this release, and because of that we anticipate a few bugs and crashes that testing did not reveal to be uncovered with un-organized play. Because of this, we can expect 0.9.1 to release within a few weeks to resolve major issues found with this release. Still, this release is solid and will be a noticeable improvement over 0.8.3. Please report all found bugs on our new GitHub Bug Tracker (https://github.com/odamex/odamex/issues).

* Discussion & Download *

Have we said enough that we love our amazing Discord community? Thanks for always being there with us for great games and development help! Join the fun (https://discord.gg/aMUzcZE) to chat, organize games, and track development of the Odamex project!

The official release changelog can be viewed here (http://odamex.net/wiki/Releases#Odamex_0.9.0).

Download Odamex 0.9.0 for your preferred platform now! (https://sourceforge.net/projects/odamex/files/Odamex/0.9.0/)