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Title: Odamex 10.0.0 Released
Post by: Hekksy on February 14, 2022, 09:07:28
Odamex 10.0.0

Yes, 10.0.0.  At some point in the past decade and a half, Odamex went from a beta, work-in-progress port to a port stable enough to have been used for tournaments, events, and even online leagues. So instead of releasing 0.10.0, we thought it was about time to get rid of that leading "0" in our version number.

* The Release *

There are so many testers, developers, and contributors involved, we cannot possibly thank them all individually. However, we do want to welcome two new members to the Odamex team:

KBlair - introduced MBF21 and DEHEXTRA along with Ch0wW. KBlair has been helping Odamex behind the scenes for years with server hosting, stats, and many other factors.

DeathEgg - namely implemented UMAPINFO, and many improvements to overall MAPINFO.

With this, welcome to the team guys! Thanks for making Odamex 10 as great as it is!

It's not just for looks, as this release is one of the largest in the port's history.  First, Odamex now has a brand-spanking new game mode, the first unique one since the port has been publicly announced.  We've also added support for many new modern extended MBF features such as DEHEXTRA and MBF21. We have added a brand new boot menu that isn't just for selecting IWADs. Our interface has taken its long-overdue first step beyond its Quake 2 inspirations.  Behind the scenes, our server-to client network protocol has undergone a complete rewrite - there is not a single network message left untouched.

* Changelog *

There are a lot of details with this release, but what you need to know is listed below:

New Features

* Thank You*

For this release, we had many contributors, both from inside and outside the team.  The Odamex Team would like to thank them all, no matter if you added a feature or two or significantly rewrote large subsystems in the engine.  It's amazing how far an active open source project can go in less than a year, and we couldn't have done it without you.

The official release changelog can be viewed here (http://odamex.net/wiki/Releases#Odamex_10.0.0).

Download Odamex 10.0.0 for your preferred platform now! (https://sourceforge.net/projects/odamex/files/Odamex/10.0.0/)