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General Discussion / Re: Doom 2 Torrent, Please!

« on: September 15, 2010, 15:25:25 »
Odamex itself is free, however you have to buy Doom2 because it is still commercially sold by id software.

We will NEVER freely give away Doom2 and will not endorse any kind of pirating for it.

Until you buy Doom, feel free to use shareware doom (doom1.wad) or freedoom

EDIT: And in case you were confused, you need to buy Doom2 for PC or MAC so you can get doom2.wad from the installation. Xbox Doom2 from Doom 3: Collector's Edition and Doom 3:RoE will not work.

Devoblog / Re: Odamex 0.5.0 Officially Released!

« on: August 24, 2010, 21:05:44 »
Hell yeah! GET FIRED UP!!!

Devoblog / Re: Odamex 0.4.4 on the horizon..

« on: November 02, 2009, 10:29:40 »
Yay!!! ^_______^

General Discussion / Re: CTF Games to Spark Interest

« on: December 19, 2008, 07:17:11 »
This event kinda of died because everyone, including myself admittedly, never got it going D:.

I want to bring this back to life tho!

EVERY night, a group of players (the people of #odagames) will pick a game for us to play the next day. The next day at 7:00 CST we will gather in the server and get the games going! Both Ralphis and I have access to DTX1, and I'm sure if neither of us are around GhostlyDeath would be happy to substitute.

Design Document

[What is Domination?]

Domination is a gamemode that has recently been implemented into Skulltag. It no longer requires ACS, so now if Odamex were to implement it the two ports would be compatible boom-wise. The gamemode is inspired from UT's Domination gamemode and works well with Doom's fast-paced gameplay.

[How is Domination played?]
Domination is played with teams. The teams fight against each in order to take control of specific sectors called "control nodes." In order for a map to work, a SECTINFO lump has to be compatible with it. The SECTINFO lump tells the corresponding sector where control nodes are located.

Here is an example of what a SECTINFO lump would look like to define node points in maps:
Code: [Select]
points =
   "The Temple" = {226},
   "Deadman's Ridge" = {298},
   "The Alien Hive" = {321}

points =
   "The Void" = {25},
   "The Maze" = {1177},
   "The Library" = {1014}

[What are the rules of Domination?]

No specific rule changes not already described below. Just be sure to give the right SECTINFO points and add team starts :-)


In various parts of the map there are "control nodes." When a player takes control of a node (the node is usually a teleporter surrounded by fog that changes color to match the team that controls it, white when nobody controls it), every 3 seconds a point is given to that team. Pointlimit will determine how many points is required for a team to be declared winner. The average pointlimit is usually somewhere around 200.

Here is an image of what a basic control node looks like in Domination for Skulltag.

This is all subject to change and open to input.

General Discussion / Re: Simplifying the Mouse Options

« on: August 26, 2008, 21:31:44 »
I suggest removing acceleration from the menu and setting it to 0 by default, BUT leaving the console command for it still intact.

I use mouse acceleration. :)

General Discussion / Re: Bullet puffs bug

« on: August 17, 2008, 00:17:35 »
However those are all gameplay and physics changes that would effect gameplay, Naut.

I don't think there's anything wrong with fixing it since its only a cosmetic issue. Odamex will still feel like doom2.exe with or without the bug fixed.

I vote fixed.

General Discussion / Re: CTF Games to Spark Interest

« on: July 17, 2008, 23:31:35 »
I agree with you Naut.

I have started a new channel for arranging games in. It is #odagames on In it we'll discuss ways to bring more players and most of all, PLAY ODAMEX. I encourage EVERYONE to join the channel to raise interest :).

General Discussion / Re: Joining the community

« on: July 09, 2008, 16:20:24 »

Welcome to Odamex. You may notice the community only has a few servers and the average player base is 0, but that doesn't mean nobody plays. If you ever want a game, hop into #odamex on and ask for one (yes its that simple). And unlike #zdplayers and #skulltag, #odamex isn't a cesspool for retards to spam random crap and cyber. :D
Quote from: The Odamex Wiki
Will Odamex support advanced features?

That depends entirely on what you consider advanced features. Odamex strives for full Boom compatibility and also has other enhancements over regular Doom such as mouselook and jumping (which can both be turned off on the server level). Due to license conflicts, all Hexen source had to be removed or replaced.

General Discussion / Re: CTF Games to Spark Interest

« on: June 12, 2008, 23:17:29 »
I really want to get this going some time now that 0.4 is out. Anyone still interested? If so I'll get a few helpers and see if we can get some kind of odaparty going on once a week or so.

Devoblog / Re: Odamex 0.4.0 Is Now Available

« on: June 12, 2008, 23:15:40 »
Now lets get some games going and get this gracy train rolling!!!

General Discussion / Re: Two Questions

« on: June 12, 2008, 23:11:14 »
Normally, servers will download them for you when you connect. However I disabled that feature on the [TX-Dallas] servers (the servers I maintain) to reduce network traffic.

You can find the wads here

Also yes it is common to not see anybody online. However, if you join Odamex's IRC channel (#odamex on and ask for a game there will be plenty of people who will reply (Ralphis and myself are very big on getting a game going any time).

Devoblog / Re: Bans and Exceptions

« on: May 01, 2008, 16:29:34 »
I don't really understand how you make one. How do I make a banlist/whitelist from the cfg?

banfile /home/usr/odamex/banlist.txt
whitelist /home/usr/odamex/whitelist.txt

Will this work?

Devoblog / Re: CTF Points System

« on: April 23, 2008, 23:08:31 »
Suicide should definately take points away, perhaps 5. If you get a point for connecting you could easily spam connect for points++.

Perhaps it should be 3 points for killing the person that has your flag and 2 for actually returning it.

Other than that, yeah that's cool.
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