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Bug 1151

Summary: Shooting teammates incurs a delay before they are knocked back
Product: Odamex Reporter: Ivan T <topolcic.ivan>
Component: ClientAssignee: Odamex Bug Reporter <odamex-bug-reporter>
Status: NEW ---    
Severity: normal    
Priority: P1    
Version: 0.7.x (Old)   
Hardware: x86 (Windows, Linux, etc)   
OS: Windows 8   

Description Ivan T 2015-08-02 14:47:51 UTC
When you shoot a teammate, it takes the game some time before they are knocked back by your shot. I tested this with the SSG, but not non-hitscan weapons.

If you shoot an enemy, it knocks them back instantly.

On other ports like Zandronum and Zdaemon, the teammates are knocked back instantly.
Comment 1 Ivan T 2015-08-02 14:51:53 UTC
I should add that I set the severity as normal because I have no idea how this knockback mechanism works. For instance, there are likely two possible scenarios:

1. The teammate is hit instantly, but it takes the server a bit of time to push him backwards
2. The teammate is shot, but then it takes a bit of time on the server to actually "hit" them, then pushes them back

If its #2 (which it likely isn't) then what would happen if you shot a teammate  and enemy at the same time? This is still stuff I need to test.