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Bug 372

Summary: Timeout/Timein
Product: Odamex Reporter: Alexander Mayfield <alexmax2742>
Component: Server & ClientAssignee: Odamex Bug Reporter <odamex-bug-reporter>
Status: NEW ---    
Severity: enhancement CC: Ch0wW
Priority: P2    
Version: (old) 0.x Alpha   
Hardware: All   
OS: All   

Description Alexander Mayfield 2007-09-09 02:16:52 UTC
Two new commands

* Timeout: Calls a timeout.  All play is frozen.
* Timein: Calls a timein with a 3 second countdown (3..2...1...GO!)

One new server variable

* sv_timeout: How long the timeout lasts before automatically timing back in.  Default to 120 seconds
* sv_timeouts: How many timeouts a particular player gets per match (or until we implement cpma-style matches and rounds per bug 238, per map)
Comment 1 Maƫllig Desmottes 2019-01-16 09:33:32 UTC
I've tried a while ago to do a basic implementation of timeouts in Odamex, but the major problem was to freeze every actor positions (even vertical ones), aswell as the inputs of every player (filtering everything BUT chat support)...

When 0.8.0 will be released, I'll try working on it for 0.8.1 or above.