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Bug 909

Summary: demo stepmode rewind
Product: Odamex Reporter: JKist3 <jkist3>
Component: Server & ClientAssignee: Odamex Bug Reporter <odamex-bug-reporter>
Status: NEW ---    
Severity: enhancement CC: grandpachuck187
Priority: P1    
Version: (old) 0.6.x   
Hardware: All   
OS: All   

Description JKist3 2012-10-13 16:45:26 UTC
how about having a step -1 feature to move backwards by 1 frame?  This would be real handy.  I tested out zdaemon 1.09 demo player and they let you fast forward and rewind in slow motion, and it was pretty neat.  Are there technical limitations to this approach?  Maybe save the last N number of tics so u can rewind upon a pause for a certain amount...?  When watching a demo it's nice if you see something to be able to pause and rewind it, not press the rewind 20 seconds and have to wait then pause ahead and inch forward approach to view it once like now.
Comment 1 Dr. Sean 2012-10-14 12:39:36 UTC
Rewinding an Odamex netdemo would require saving the state of every actor in the game world for the N most recent tics. That would obviously necessitate huge amounts of memory, essentially providing an "undo history" for actor state changes.

The other alternative would be to treat rewinding by 1 tic as a combination of two actions: skip back to the previous snapshot interval (every 20 seconds) and then run stepmode and step to the previous tic. That can possibly give the desired results though stepping through up to 20 seconds worth of tics every frame when going backwards could be CPU intensive.