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Bug 915

Summary: HOM on connect caused by extra AActor::Destroy()
Product: Odamex Reporter: Alexander Mayfield <alexmax2742>
Component: ClientAssignee: Odamex Bug Reporter <odamex-bug-reporter>
Status: NEW ---    
Severity: normal    
Priority: P1    
Version: (old) 0.6.x   
Hardware: All   
OS: All   

Description Alexander Mayfield 2012-11-29 03:24:28 UTC
I have discovered that sometimes the client can get into a state where it destroys its own player object as soon as it reconnects to a server.  When this happens, the player sees a screen full of HOM and if the player attempts to get its automap position it szp-null-pointers out.  The server does NOT send the client a message to do this.

Switching to single player (map whatever) and reconnecting fixes the problem.