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0.6 Roadmap Metabug

Last modified: 2012-09-06 03:51:38 CDT
Bug 620 - (ARRAY(0x5086890)) 0.6 Roadmap Metabug
0.6 Roadmap Metabug
Product: Odamex
Classification: Unclassified
Component: Server & Client
(old) 0.5.0 - 0.5.5
All All
: P2 blocker
Depends on: ARRAY(0x531ebf0) ARRAY(0x53b8ef8) ARRAY(0x53238d0) ARRAY(0x53bb880) ARRAY(0x53bbb20) ARRAY(0x53b9c18) ARRAY(0x53b9978) ARRAY(0x53b9198) ARRAY(0x53c01f8) ARRAY(0x53c0738) ARRAY(0x53c36b0) ARRAY(0x53c3bf0) ARRAY(0x53c4130) ARRAY(0x53c7da8) ARRAY(0x53c82e8) ARRAY(0x53c8828) ARRAY(0x53cc6f0) ARRAY(0x53ccc30) ARRAY(0x53cd170) ARRAY(0x53cefe8) ARRAY(0x52e8370) ARRAY(0x531f658) ARRAY(0x531f118) ARRAY(0x52f05b8) ARRAY(0x52f40d8) ARRAY(0x538f490) ARRAY(0x538f460) ARRAY(0x538f508) ARRAY(0x53237b0) ARRAY(0x538f598) ARRAY(0x538f610) ARRAY(0x531f208) ARRAY(0x538f640) ARRAY(0x531ea28) ARRAY(0x538f670) ARRAY(0x538f6a0) ARRAY(0x538f6d0) ARRAY(0x52f8088) ARRAY(0x538f718) ARRAY(0x531f2f8)
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Reported: 2010-08-29 16:53:43 CDT by Mike Lightner
Modified: 2012-09-06 03:51 CDT (History)
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Description Mike Lightner 2010-08-29 16:53:43 CDT
This bug is a blocker for all outstanding and upcoming bugs that we will/want/hope to resolve to consider a 0.6 release version.
Comment 1 Mike Lightner 2010-09-02 23:24:53 CDT
Added wishlist of blockers.  This list is not definitive nor is it a requirement to be completed as is per se.  We were really close on 0.5 (including fixing a couple that were removed at the last minute due to lack of confidence in getting them done) and hopefully we'll be close here.  It's an ambitious list and includes a couple of enhancements for which their times have come (especially given current progress of hexen map format loading).

This list will be updated on a regular basis as new bugs are submitted.
Comment 2 Mike Lightner 2012-09-06 03:51:38 CDT
This can probably go now...