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November 26, 2015, 08:02:28
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 on: September 06, 2015, 22:01:12 
Started by Doomkid - Last post by HeX9109
We did used to publicize Odamex Nitro on Doomworld. It barely made a difference.

The biggest attraction was when Odamex collaborated with project leaders to do testing nights or big release parties. For example for one Nitro we beta tested 32in24-12 and then the following week we hosted the finished product. It was a huge success.

However moments like this are far and few.

Also there is an odactf1.wad

 on: September 06, 2015, 20:58:20 
Started by Doomkid - Last post by B. Beatnix
I'm tired of seeing 0 players online and want to rectify it.

This port needs to get whored around to the Doom forums.

I think if we publicized some "Friday Night Fragfests" or "Saturday Night Fragfests" on Doomworld like Zandro and Zdae does then we might attract a few more people.

A Odamex exclusive DM mappack or CTFpack could also work since most Doomers want DM and CTF (survival isn't on oda iirc) we're going to have to push those out as much as possible.

 on: September 01, 2015, 08:09:37 
Started by HeX9109 - Last post by capodecima
What why is geo ip outdated? It up date on ALL server browsers.

 on: September 01, 2015, 08:04:36 
Started by capodecima - Last post by capodecima
Do the odamex idea, brings vanilla singleplayers and multiplayers playerrs to the game failed? Or there is no better future for odamex? What do you think? Odamex is p much dead besides WDL leagues which brings some players to the server during season.
I mean zandronum is op in running in almost latest zdoom version which good for modding and stuff. Zdaemon is old too yes but it has still a lot features which brings players attention. And odamex? I think it can be classified like "perfect" doom port doom competition duels/ctf. But its still not perfect to basically ruin competition on ZD and mainly zandornum. I really should be glad to hear what is the future of odamex. What devs, Ralphis thinks? What are their plans with this port. Odamex play style is VERY different from zd/zan. And some ppl this dislike it how it is now. I dislike some bug especialy the lift bugs. Its pretty anoying. I think odamex is really NOT this far from being perfect for competition and basically ruin competition on other rather mods ports. I think odamex can NEVER compete with zd/zan and their features, it can take years and years make it more friendly for modding and stuff. But the competition port can be possible.
What i should like to see in odamex:
- better unlagged (i dont say the current is this bad, but i think it just needs to be better compare zandronum)
- fix bugs especially the lift/sound bug is really lame still
- add killing sprees
- add dueling queue
- add maybe picture in picture from zd to oda? (its really nice)
- more announcers

This are only some things i think should helps to odamex being more close to other ports on competitive parts.

PS: Water just step up and make everything this possible, you will be my hero. :D

 on: August 18, 2015, 23:43:13 
Started by HeX9109 - Last post by HeX9109
Updated to Doomseeker 1.0 and no longer includes Odamex. Just download the launcher and unpack it in the same directory.

 on: August 18, 2015, 23:41:57 
Started by vain - Last post by HeX9109
This has not been updated for a while. If you decide to update it and let us know I will re sticky it.

 on: August 18, 2015, 23:41:03 
Started by vain - Last post by HeX9109
This does not appear to have been updating for quite a few versions now. Unstickying. If you decide to update it and let us know I will re sticky

 on: August 18, 2015, 09:43:24 
Started by Fellowzdoomer - Last post by Fellowzdoomer
Keep it up FZ, hope you make some headway soon.

Bump to say that I have successfully compiled Odamex to Android! I took the Prboom4Android code and replaced the entire PrBoom code with Odamex's code. However, it crashes when I tap play. I need an Odamex.so or libodamex.so, the way I have it now is that it is trying to load PrBoom.so so I need help in that department.

Edit: it crashes if the code is anything but PrBoom. Odamex has nothing to do with it.

 on: August 10, 2015, 01:14:00 
Started by Doomkid - Last post by Doomkid
POINT of CONTENTION - A duel map by Doomkid

DOWNLOAD: http://www.grandpachuck.org/files/wads/pointoc.wad

The story so far...

You and your fellow crewmen were ambushed. The other starship came out of nowhere and fired upon your vessel, killing your entire crew. The other two decks have been damaged and are decompressed - Only the main bridge remains. I grabbed my shotgun and laid his crew to waste as they transported aboard - But their captain is something else.. I've got to kill this guy before he gets his hands on our newest creation, the BFG9000. Better grab my combat armor.

Hello all my dooming friends,

I'm here to release a map I've created recently, Point of Contention. There are five spawns - Two start with the chaingun and three with the shogun. There is a central SSG that is equidistant from each spawn. There is also a plasma gun, blue armor and soulsphere present. This makes for a frantic 1v1 map which can be played in two different ways:

Option#1 (Recommended) - Play with NOS flags: Items Respawn, Freelook on, No Jump. With NOS flags, this map will be all about moving through this tight little spaceship as fast as you can. Continue to grab the soulsphere and blue armor, then nab the BFG and re-juice it with fresh ammo from the provided plasma gun.

Option#2 - Play with pure OS flags: Freelook, Jumping, and Item respawn all OFF. This creates a map where you will absolutely need that SSG, and it will become a king of the hill scenario around the BFG lift. Whoever is best at defending it will come out on top, but they will have to grab that plasma gun to reill their ammo at some point, so keep a sharp eye on your enemy!

Screenshots? Of course:

This map is very unforgiving to new players - It's designed to reward knowledge of your guns, constant movement and reading your opponent. I don't think I'll make another map quite in this style again. Oh, and of course, this runs in Zdaemon, Zandronum and Odamex. I had a lot of fun making it and hope you have a lot of fun playing it.  :D

Happy fragging!

 on: August 03, 2015, 08:02:23 
Started by Fellowzdoomer - Last post by Doomkid
Keep it up FZ, hope you make some headway soon.

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