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Topic: Odamex 0.9.1 Released  (Read 6485 times)

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Odamex 0.9.1 Released
« on: May 18, 2021, 11:10:15 »
** This is a required update **

* The Release *

Odamex 0.9.1 is a minor release to address some bugs and opportunities found with version 0.9.0. While the team did feel that 0.9.0 was a very successful release, there were some loose ends to address, as well as some cool features being released here that did not quite squeeze into the 0.9.0 release. Take a look!

* Changelog *

New Features
  • Spawn Inventory;
    • You can now give players almost any inventory you desire with a single console variable.  Health, Green Armor, Blue Armor, weapon inventory, starting weapon, ammo, and even backpacks and berserk, all modifiable from all game modes with just a single console variable.
  • Wad Downloader Improvements;
    • When a WAD file is downloaded, if the hash doesn't match what the server wants, the next download site is now checked. If the WAD downloader tries to save a file and a file by that name already exists in your download directory, it will now save it as a WAD with a hash.  This means you can have two versions of the same WAD on your hard drive, and the correct one will always be loaded.
  • Wad Hash Saving;
    • Odamex can now differentiate between multiple WAD files with the same base name but different contents based on a hash added to their name.
  • A new `hud_bigfont` setting which changes several fonts in the HUD to use a bigger font.
  • A new `cl_chatsounds` setting which allows you to disable sounds made when someone else on the server talks.
  • A new `g_coopthingfilter` setting, which can suppress multiplayer things from being spawned.  It can also spawn everything except weapons.
  • Arch-viles can now resurrect crushed monsters as ghost monsters, and there is a new `co_novileghosts` setting which can toggle the behavior.
  • A `sv_weapondrop` setting much like ZDoom which has players drop their weapon on death.
  • Dead players with no lives can now use spectator-specific buttons like mousewheel.
  • We now use SDL 2.0's simple message boxes to show errors when available.
  • Error messages boxes are now shown for recursive errors.


  • Conneting to servers should now be significantly more reliable for those on less-than-stellar connections (0.9.1 servers only).
  • Some initial network messages were missing from demos recorded with `-netrecord` or one of the autorecord settings, now the data should be complete.
  • Clearing the lives area of the original status bar while not in a lives gamemode.
  • `lookdown` command was not found.
  • Detection of IWAD's was too lax, leading to certain situations where a real IWAD was not being loaded.
  • Incorrect default value for warmup autostart in duel games.
  • Spectators were able to spy 0-lives players, now no longer.
  • Dead players who are out of lives can no longer spycycle back to their own eyes.
  • Recursive errors now always terminate the game, not just fatal ones.  This fixes being unable to quit after an non-fatal error.
  • Crash while connecting to a server running a loose DeHackEd file.
  • A null pointer changetag crash on failed WAD switch.
  • Some MAPINFO tokens were interfereing with Odamex's ability to load MAPINFO.
  • State cycles should be harder to trigger, and when they do a better error message is displayed.
  • Teleport destinations in DOOM format maps were taking forever to xlat to Hexen format in certain circumstances (Sunlust MAP30), the code that handled this was replaced.
  • DeHackEd string replacements now properly override built-in LANGUAGE strings in all cases, as well as properly accomodating non-english languages.
  • Trying to load a map with zero-length nodes used to crash, now it errors out.
  • Colors were not stripped from odasrv logfiles, now they are.
  • Installing to Program Files was not properly triggering non-portable functionality, resulting in errors about a missing crashdir.
  • Used to be possible to crash servers by trying to switch to an invalid team in certain circumstances, no longer.
  • The minimum CMake version was too optimistic, now it is properly set to 3.13.
  • Stack traces on Linux now have symbols again.
  • Version strings should show up a little nicer in Odalaunch.


  • DeHackEd patches located in PWADs can now coexist with externally-loaded patches.
  • `` was removed from the default standard rotation of sites to download from.  If Odamex detects that you haven't modified that setting from the default while upgrading, it'll fix it for you.
  • The BIGFONT plus sign is now smaller.
  • The zone memory implementation has been changed to one that uses OS-native memory allocation and freeing functions without the "zone heap".
  • Default write directory for portable Windows installations is now the binary directory, instead of the CWD.
  • Crash directory error is now clear about what directory it was trying to write to.
  • Odamex no longer supports recording Vanilla demos.  Playback of Vanilla demos is unaffected and is unlikely to ever be removed.

Special thanks to SapientLion and DCG Retrowave for the sv_weapondrop patch and vileghost patch respectively!

* Going Forward *

Moving forward we already have plans for the next minor release and even the next major release after that. We hope our community will continue to contribute time and effort to make Odamex a better classic Doom experience with every release. Thank you all for being there with us! Please continue to report all found bugs on our GitHub Bug Tracker and please join our amazing Discord community to organize games and keep up with development.

* Information & Download *

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