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Odamex 10.2.0 Released

Hekksy :: August 19, 2022, 05:22:27

Odamex 10.2.0
Odamex version 10.2.0 has been released. Notable changes include a new invulnerability effect, changes to the monster netcode to reduce frames going out of sync, map lighting being...

Odamex 10.1.0 Released

Hekksy :: April 30, 2022, 06:07:06

Odamex 10.1.0
Odamex version 10.1.0 has been released. This release is mostly a bugfix and quality of life update. Notable differences is a slight overhaul of the Horde mechanics to adjust monster...

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84c16ecMerge pull request #770 from electricbrass/boot-pwad-select [FEATURE] Add PWAD ...
b4152eaMerge branch 'stable' into boot-pwad-select
86a1649Merge pull request #803 from bcahue/bugfix/latched-cvar-changed-string-fix [BUG...
071a3dbMerge pull request #805 from bcahue/feature/always-show-pvp-deaths [BUGFIX] Imp...

Issue Tracker

806Ghost enemies are solid on Odamex
797[BUG] Lack of sky definition in MAPINFO throws generic "Texture not found" print...
792[BUG] WAD changing-related crash
789[FEATURE] Odamex to Begin Animated Flats/Patches per Map Specification

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