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Odamex 10.3.0 Released

Hekksy :: December 11, 2022, 05:16:11

Odamex 10.3.0
Odamex version 10.3.0 has been released.

Another minor release with some nice new features thrown in.  The most noticeable new feature is the brand new PWAD selector tab when you...

Odamex 10.2.0 Released

Hekksy :: August 19, 2022, 05:22:27

Odamex 10.2.0
Odamex version 10.2.0 has been released. Notable changes include a new invulnerability effect, changes to the monster netcode to reduce frames going out of sync, map lighting being...

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9a7ece3Merge pull request #819 from Acts19quiz/Acts19quiz_PSetupColors_stable Add to P...
57e0e5dConvert existing "command" (now "colorcommand") and new "colorcommand" from spri...
b7d86b6Merge pull request #831 from odamex/allow-nightmare-cheats Allow bypassing no-c...
92e585dRename "gray" to Vanilla "indigo"; add suggested colors.

Issue Tracker

837PortMidi: Send "reset all controllers" when a song loops
836[BUGFIX] Restore floor damage text obituaries
835[FEATURE] Wider aspect ratio than 16:9
834[FEATURE] MBF Friendly Monster Support

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