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Title: Nitro #1 - 32in24-10 FFA
Post by: HumanBones on August 16, 2011, 20:33:02

Here we are, the first official Nitro post! I sincerely hope this will be one of many. Like I said before, our goal here is to have fun, and any wad or game mode suggestions are welcome. I'd like to kick off with the latest release from the 32in24 team, something I'm not sure has seen much gameplay anywhere. Nothing better than starting with some good old-fashioned FFA!

Special thanks go out to Manc for getting the forums back up for us. Let's make him proud, shall we? :)

WAD: 32in24-10 (http://wads.coffeenet.org/zips/32in2410.zip)
Maps: 32 (1-32)
Mode: FFA (40 Fraglimit)
Server: [Odamex.Net]
(Anyone else interested in helping, shoot me a pm)
Date: Saturday, August 20th @ 8pm

I hope to see you guys there!

ADMIN EDIT: The server has been changed to be an Odamex.Net server.
Title: Re: Nitro #1 - 32in24-10 FFA
Post by: StasBFG[iddqd] on August 20, 2011, 13:34:15
Where this server is located? It's already 10:34pm here and I don't see any nitro servers...