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General Discussion / Re: Odamex information?

« on: October 24, 2006, 11:54:18 »
Whateve the case, I am sure I can make a tapered down version of Crimson. Like for instance, the Zdaemon/Zdoom version of Crimson takes place in fogged environments as well as dark environments. The dark environments are a sign that true evil is slowly taking over all the more daylight-like environments. The Odamex variation of Crimson can take place many years later when the evil environments have completely taken over the setting. So Odamex Crimson will look more sinister and require less uber environments and focus more on MP3/OGG audio, darkness, and well designed textures versus all the neato Zdoom effects that the current Crimson has. There is always a way to get your vision to work. At any rate, I thank all who have given me detailed technical info regarding the structure of Odamex, you have been a big help.

General Discussion / Re: Odamex information?

« on: October 24, 2006, 08:37:44 »
Well, Crimson is so far into the Zdoom v1.23 realm that the likely hood of it being compatible with Odamex is minimal. It also uses box skies, sound sequences, and Large scale scenery. One limitation of v1.22 of zdoom was that large levels would become oddly glitchy and lindefs would do weird things with textures when levels were very oversized. I may be able to make a Crimson varient for Odamex that removes slopes and other Zdoom effects and just focuses on the sound design and atmospheric mp3s. I'm glad that Odamex uses OGG format, as OGG can be looped properly where as mp3s always insert silence at the end/beginning everytime you save your audio. I do not think any current version of zdoom even supports OGG.
Also, I am already very familiar with the difference between v1.22 and other versions of Zdoom. I was working on a wad project that was v1.22 compatible long ago so that it could work with older versions of Zdaemon and CSdoom, then v1.23 came out and was implemented into the new Zdaemon, so I was able to be more flexible with my wad projects when that happened.

General Discussion / Re: Odamex information?

« on: October 23, 2006, 17:56:11 »
remember the days of old wad editing where you "WISHED" you could add some cool effect that doom2.exe did not offer. An effect that, if properly implmented, could really increase the enjoyability of a great DM map? That is Crimson.

Stolen music? There is no "music" in Crimson. I did have some fun screwing around with the mp3 format in the alpha versions though... sticking witty intermission music in. The public release will stick with atmosphere, however. I even messed around with the Doom64 and Playstation doom soundtrack... which are now long gone in the current state of the project.

As for stealing, could you tell people to stop putting horrible sound effects into wads with good DM layouts? Example: DW5M1, great map, but it is annoying hearing Jim Carey and the Heretic guy everytime you die as well as the damn Heretic message sound. I am sure that was a blast to hear back in 1995-1996, but it gets old when you have been playing Doom that long online.

General Discussion / Re: Odamex information?

« on: October 23, 2006, 16:46:16 »
Well that's great... means the mp3 and slopes that make up a large majority of the special effects in Crimson are useles. Is there any intention of moving to a v1.23 architecture? Zdaemon started off on v1.22, but then moved to 1.23, so i was just wondering if that was a possibility.

Here's what i have going so far with the project.

General Discussion / Odamex information?

« on: October 23, 2006, 16:35:42 »
I have been trying to find out more info regarding Odamex. I know it will compete with Zdaemon. I only know this little bit of info because it got leaked around on the ZD forums. I have been grossly uninformed as to what technical aspects of Odamex are employed. Is it a modified source port from Scratch? Does it use Zdoom architecture at all? I am concerned about this as I am making a very detailed wad project called Crimson, and it uses Zdoom v1.23 as it's base for production. My wad project will be a huge waste of time and energy if Zdaemon loses to Odamex. I looked all over the site for some zdoom related keywords, but found nothing. Crimson will be compatible with all version of Zdoom starting from v1.23 and up, Zdaemon, GZdoom, and SkullTag. I would like to add support for Odamex, but I may not be able to if Odamex's ultimate goal is to reproduce classic Doom/Doom2 in a Windows environment only.
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