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General Discussion / Re: doom compatibility

« on: October 26, 2006, 04:09:47 »
everything but the rocket jumping seems to work, unless I was doing it wrong, fire against wall + backwards?

'Fire against the wall + backwards' is correct. But as I said,
only original DOS Doom and ChocoDoom can do this. In the meantime I've read that ODAMEX is loosely based on ZDoom 1.22, therfore it is clear, that I will not be able to perform this jump, because ZDoom can't, too....

But anyway. I am  looking forwards to seeing an new star on the doom port sky shining :-)

Quote from: Belial
Of course it works fine in PrBoom.
Does this mean that you really did the 3rd pit (Rocket jump) in dgtc.wad with PRBoom?


General Discussion / doom compatibility

« on: October 25, 2006, 01:56:30 »
HOW compatible with vanilla doom will odamex be? Is it intended to be as-compatible-as-possible (like chocodoom?)?

A good compatibility test is this wad:
It is a training wad for wallrunnimg, strafejumping and rocketjumping. Up to now, the jump across the third pit in this wad is only possible with vanilla DOS DOOM and Chocolate Doom. All other ports fail (Including Doom95(!)).
Could you please try it out? When you have any problems with the wad, please let me know. Unfortunately, the attached information is written in german, my native language...

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