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General Discussion / Odamex information?

« on: October 23, 2006, 16:35:42 »
I have been trying to find out more info regarding Odamex. I know it will compete with Zdaemon. I only know this little bit of info because it got leaked around on the ZD forums. I have been grossly uninformed as to what technical aspects of Odamex are employed. Is it a modified source port from Scratch? Does it use Zdoom architecture at all? I am concerned about this as I am making a very detailed wad project called Crimson, and it uses Zdoom v1.23 as it's base for production. My wad project will be a huge waste of time and energy if Zdaemon loses to Odamex. I looked all over the site for some zdoom related keywords, but found nothing. Crimson will be compatible with all version of Zdoom starting from v1.23 and up, Zdaemon, GZdoom, and SkullTag. I would like to add support for Odamex, but I may not be able to if Odamex's ultimate goal is to reproduce classic Doom/Doom2 in a Windows environment only.
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