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General Discussion / Odamex newcomer here

« on: July 09, 2012, 15:53:59 »
Last year, I finally decided to buy Ultimate Doom and Doom II after playing the shareware and GBA versions (of Doom) for years.  Recently, I wanted to get into playing it online since I enjoy a good online game, I looked at a thread on Steam forums about source ports.

First port I tried was ZDaemon since the thread mentioned it was the most popular.  At first it was fun, but once you dig into it, it didn't sound as good and felt like luck (aim hoping it hits something).  I wasn't banned because I never did anything, but I've read stories.

Then I tried Odamex, and after playing for a while, honestly I'm liking it more.  It feels like I'm playing Doom, it does not need an "account", it supports Linux (I have it installed on both Windows and Linux partitions on my comp), and it's free/open source software so if something ever happened, people could pick it up thanks to the source code (hope nothing happens).  So far I'm having a great time whenever I get an online game in. ^__^

This has been my port of choice for online play (for single player, I like good old true to the original Chocolate Doom ;) ).  My apologies if any of you played me and I'm not that good.  I hope to get better.

Keep up the great work devs!
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