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General Discussion / BEST Clan in Town

« on: April 11, 2013, 21:19:00 »
We hereby officially monopolize the skills and clan scene that the Odamex player base has to offer thus far.

The BEST clan is rolling into town, so you better keep your doors locked.


[BEST]Dr. Sean


General Discussion / DFA . . . NEVER Forgotten

« on: September 23, 2012, 21:17:14 »
Alright, so this is a quick reboot of this thread right here:,1616.0.html

In short, DFA never went away—we all just had shit to do apparently, but right now it seems like I'm the only name on that members list who's around . . .

EDIT: Sigma's been kicked out for being a dumbass who cheats and has a weird taste for anthropomorphic animals and shit.

So . . . DFA's recruiting the freshest talent we got as of now!

Stay tuned in #dontfuckaround on

We got some competition to wipe off the table like dust and cum stains left over from domestic abuse.


Our competition:

FW: The brainchild of Capodecima's stunted mind, this clan needs to go ASAP. We really don't need this kind of group loping around playing role model in front of all the impressionable newcomers who desire a true grasp of honor, skill, and basic human dignity; for crying out loud, the delusional kids in this clan can't take care of themselves and need a babysitter in case they choke on one of their keyboard buttons.


[22:33] <Decay|Essay> lmao
[22:33] <Decay|Essay> fw has been dead for a long time
[22:34] <Decay|Essay> the only clan running on odamex has been UD

According to IRC sources, FW has been inactive as of late, so they barely pose a bigger threat than a prescription-doped kid screaming at his mom at a Burger King because he realized they have no Happy Meals.

UD: At first they were cute, but we realized that Ralph's weekly Mike's Hard Lemonade-fueled LANs with his disenfranchised minions are just in poor taste—we don't wanna see any of it in a professional, competitive environment like Odamex's. Fuck that.

Anyone else wanna share a few words with us? You know where to find us . . .

General Discussion / Clan DFA

« on: March 30, 2012, 15:12:56 »
"Don't Fuck Around"

Here come the DFA... busting up kids like the DEA...

We started recruiting on Skulltag back on 3/14/12; since most of us do play Odamex, we're recruiting right here, looking for the cream of the crop.

We do all wars: TDM, CTF, duel—hell, even FFA. Why the hell not.


(DFA)Dr. Noob

For more info, visit #dontfuckaround on or #DFA on

Developer's Corner / /me messages in Odamex

« on: August 12, 2008, 21:10:03 »
What's up. So I was playing around with the code a bit and decided to take a shot at making IRC/Skulltag-style /me action messages in Odamex. I attached the patch I made to this post in an archive. I'm not a coder or anything, so what I did is probably cheap like Chinese products.
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