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General Discussion / Bullet puffs bug

« on: August 15, 2008, 20:32:48 »

I'd fix it, but apparently it's a "doom2.exe tactic" by some people or something. Any particular reason why this shouldn't be fixed in Odamex?

Devoblog / Bans and Exceptions

« on: May 01, 2008, 09:18:23 »
Revision 634 brought some extra functionality for Odamex server operators: a working ban list and exception list. As of this revision, though, it will not write the ban and exception lists to any file, meaning that you'd have to either input them all yourself or use the "+exec" function and write the banlist separately into a file.

The new commands for servers are:
- "addban (ip) (reason)" - Adds to ban list.
- "delban (ip)" - Deletes from ban list.
- "banlist" - Displays the ban list.
- "clearbans" - Deletes all from the ban list.
- "addexception (ip) (reason)" - Adds to exception list.
- "delexception (ip)" - Deletes from exception list.
- "exceptionlist" - Displays the exception list.
- "clearexceptions" - Deletes all from the exception list.
- "kickban (client id found using the "who" command) (reason)" - Enhanced version of the "kick" command, adding an "addban" to the end of it. (added r642)

Some information about bans and exceptions:
- Adding a person to the ban list will not disconnect them immediately. Use the "kick (client id found using the "who" command) (reason)" command to kick them. Otherwise, as of revision 642, use the "kickban" command.
- The "(reason)" part is entirely optional. If you choose not to give a reason, it will be "none given".
- Wildcards can be used in the add and delete commands (though using them in the delete commands will not wildcard-delete all entries (for example, putting 127.*.*.* will not delete
- The exception list is essentially a whitelist. The exception list overrides the ban list. (Perfect for those caught in wildcard bans)
- You can choose not to put in the entire IP, the last given part will be repeated. (example: "addban 0" will add an entry for This can be combined with the wildcard and exception list to make a "whitelist-required" server.

And most importantly, we (the Odamex staff) will not produce or require a "global ban/exception list" for all servers in our master list. All bans and exceptions are completely at the server level. (Though, servers can cooperate with each other and make their own "global ban/exception list". We are not responsible for this list.)

Devoblog / CTF Points System

« on: April 23, 2008, 22:58:00 »
While Toke created CTF elements in Odamex, he also started developing a points system, which would strengthen the link between teamwork (flags before frags) and individual score.

Currently the system works like this:

You get no points for frags, deaths, betrayals or suicides.
You get 1 point for connecting. (I don't think this is supposed to happen)
You get 3 points for a flag grab.
You get 5 points for a flag return.
You get 25 points for a flag capture.

This system is a good start, but it needs to be refined. Personally, I'd like to see points and frags/betrayals/suicides linked. Manc would like to see a penalty for flag drops (so that people don't boost score by suiciding+flag grabs). We would like to hear what you think! Post a comment. Now.

EDIT: The points system has been improved in a recent update (revision 618):

- You no longer get 1 point for connecting. (You need to earn the points now!)
- You gain 1 point for frags.
- You lose 1 point for betrayals.
- You do not lose any points for suicides, but it is still -1 in your frag count.
- You gain 1 point for taking a flag, whether it's the enemy flag or your dropped team flag. (when ctf_manualreturn is enabled)
- You gain 2 bonus points for grabbing the enemy flag while it's on the pedestal. (The initial grab)
- You gain 2 bonus points for killing a flag carrier.
- You gain 2 points for returning the team flag, whether it's running over your dropped flag (when ctf_manualreturn is disabled) or putting your flag back on its pedestal. (when ctf_manualreturn is enabled)
- You gain 10 points for capturing the flag.

This is not a permanent solution, but it's good for now.

Devoblog / The road to complete spectation.

« on: April 13, 2008, 20:57:54 »
The latest SVN revision brought a big change in Odamex: Spectator mode. Of course, spectator mode isn't a new thing in multiplayer Doom ports. But for Odamex, this is a great step closer to being the ultimate open-source cross-platform multiplayer Doom port of your dreams.

Of course it doesn't work right yet. There are still a few tweaks and nuances that are being worked out. (more about it here) Like Manc's previous news post, this revision (567) is a crucial update for those running development versions of Odamex.

Few key pointers with the spectator:
- Clients can use the "spectate" and "join" commands to... well... spectate and join. Pressing the use key while spectating also let's you join.

- Servers have two new cvars, "globalspectatorchat" and "maxactiveplayers". When globalspectatorchat is disabled, spectators can only chat with each other. Perfect for those tournament matches. Maxplayers now counts for both spectators and players. Maxactiveplayers only counts players in-game. (Example: "maxplayers 16" and "maxactiveplayers 8" can trigger 8-man ffa with a total of 8 leftover spectators)

Complete spectator support will be available in v0.4, whenever that's done.

Also keep in mind that THIS WILL NOT WORK WITH 0.3!

General Discussion / "bug dump" thread

« on: August 02, 2007, 23:36:58 »
This is just a thread discussing Odamex bugs in general.

Results from the bug dump in CTF last night:

- Teammate obituaries are always "%s died."
- Scoreboard players sorted by frags and not points.
- "sxp pointer was NULL" at the end of each match.
- Mouse problems.
- Ghghghghooooooooosts!
- Green corpse spotted?
As some of you may know, I'm developing a complete list of cvars to put in a wiki page. The information for each cvar is descriptive and contains things such as the code file it's defined at and all that use it externally. (Including information such as broken cvars, external cvars that have no use at all, and trivial things such as a file calling a cvar externally when that cvar was created in the same file)

Progress is good so far. I've developed the list of cvars used in the client and as of now I'm sorting them, alphabetically, in a format that can be read better in the wiki.

I'll also be making patches that clean up the cvar usage. (Removing unused externals, cleaning up bad cvars, etc.) It's one step closer to cleaning up the mess that is Odamex source.


Name: deathmatch
Default Value: "1"
Type: Normal CVAR
Options Menu: No
Source: src\g_game.cpp
Externals: src\doomstat.h, src\g_level.cpp

Determines whether the local game runs Cooperative or Deathmatch rules. This variable doesn't determine between "-deathmatch" and "-altdeath" rules, so follow this cvar chart:

Type         =deathmatch =itemsrespawn =weaponstay
Singleplayer =Disabled   =Disabled     =Disabled
Cooperative  =Disabled   =Disabled     =Enabled
-deathmatch  =Enabled    =Disabled     =Enabled
-altdeath    =Enabled    =Enabled      =Disabled
"Newschool"  =Enabled    =Enabled      =Enabled

0: Enable Cooperative rules.
1: Enable Deathmatch rules.

NOTE: Unlatched. Sets itself to 0 when moving between maps. Unused locally.


Remember, this is for the client only. The server cvar is kind of different.

BONUS: While doing this, I've done a ton of modifications for the automap. It's enclosed (though needs to be renamed to .diff or .patch) and contains many features:

-- IntraTeleportColor and InterTeleportColor changed to TeleportColor and ExitColor. We don't have Hexen hubs anymore, we can go back to basic.
-- Teleporter and exit lines work 100%. Classic colors didn't use these and use the other lines depending on the type of wall.
-- New cvar (am_classicmapstring) that, when activated, will emulate classic map strings from vanilla Doom. (Instead of "MAP01: entryway" it's "level 1: entryway". Uses the original string and not some crazy new "MAP01:" replacement)
-- New and changed custom color cvars, including new overlay color cvars to match. (Upgrading the potential use of overlays.)
-- Speaking of which, Odamex needs to differentiate from ZDoom. So instead of ZDoom's parchment automap and olive overlay, it's just one awesome color scheme that makes Odamex the perfect default automap scheme.
-- New cvar (am_ovshare) that determines whether the overlay scheme uses the same scheme as the custom automap scheme. (So you don't have to work your ass off trying to make both schemes the same)
-- New command (and menu option), resetcustomcolors will reset the custom colors for both the automap and the overlay to the new default.
-- Split up a lot of the shared custom automap and overlay colors for better customization.
-- Teleporter and exit colors will only show up
-- Add a few extra variables for the am_overlay cvar. am_overlay 2 will give a more full overlay. It's like automap with a transparent background. am_overlay 3 is the same, but with automap disabled.
-- And one more thing that I'm really excited about. At first, I thought I went overboard with this and that it's not really practical. But eventually, I decided to keep it in the patch. You know how some ports have different colors for Red, Blue, and Yellow doors? I've decided to simplify that aspect while giving an awesome new effect. (that only shows up when am_usecustomcolors is enabled) Basically, the LockedColor color, which can be defined to any color, glows to red, blue, or yellow depending on the color of the key required every few seconds.
-- And I don't know why, but CodeBlocks likes to screw around with spaces and lines. >:P

I'm not trying to stack features on Odamex like a late 90s BOOM clone. I just thought that the ZDOOM automap system was incomplete and busted, especially with the overlay. (which only had few colors and no real use) This patch shows the potential for automap and overlay, while not giving it too many crazy new features.

Also, if you're running this patch and the colors of the automap is messed up, go to the display options menu and activate "reset custom automap colors". While you're there, you can change overlay to Off, Standard, Full, and Full Only to test.

The only bug I can think of is that you can't enter the map cheats and zoom in overlay mode. But that's a boom/zdoom bug.

EDIT: P.S. The new default looks awesome in UDM3.
P.S.S. Is it possible to change your forum/wiki name?
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