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Devoblog / Odamex 0.9.5 Released

« on: September 09, 2021, 04:11:03 »
Odamex 0.9.5 has been released.  Download it from Sourceforge or Github.

This is a small release containing a fix for an exploit that allowed players to spy on players they weren't supposed to.  It is highly recommended that all servers update to this new release as soon as possible.

Devoblog / Odamex 0.9.4 Released

« on: August 16, 2021, 17:07:24 »
Odamex 0.9.4 has been released.  Download it from Sourceforge or Github.

By far the most visible feature is the fact that our WAD downloader now supports (and is configured to look at) DogSoft's enormous WAD repository.  If you haven't touched your list of download sites, DogSoft should be added automatically.  Thank you so much to Mega-Dog for going above and beyond to natively support Odamex's download feature.

But of course, that's not all.  Odamex 0.9.4 also has a few more goodies to offer.

  • A new setlobbymap console function that can apply lobby functionality to any arbitrary map in any loadable WAD.
  • Ctrl-PageUp and Ctrl-PageDown now scroll the console 16 lines at a time.
  • In 3-Team modes, dead players on a team who is completely out of lives can now spectate other teams as well.
  • Mouse sensitivity now has much finer control when adjusting from the menu. Thanks to Hugo Locurcio for the contribution.
  • An occasional crash caused by the fuzz drawer has been pinpointed and fixed.
  • An instance of Tutti Frutti that showed up in tall wall and sky textures that had more than one post per column has been taken care of.
  • Teleport line type 208 (WR Silent, Same Angle, Also Monsters) now works again.
  • Certain classes of corrupt patches that would have crashed the game now raise an error instead.
  • odasrv on Windows now properly shows an error message in the console output.

Maps, Wads and Mods / [1on1] Eyedea

« on: August 04, 2013, 02:29:05 »
I never thought I would create a duel map worth anything.  Now...I finally think I have.  Or at least I've given it a boy scout try.

Thought up in a day and tweaked with the help of many skilled duelers.  Designed for OS settings.

There are several tricks to this map:
  • The lift on the bottom half of the map is very generous.  You can use-activate it from a reasonable distance away, and can even use-activate it turned 180 degrees from the lift.
  • The BFG lift can be lowered by shooting a switch.
  • The Green Armor is stacked.  You can get it again and again.
  • Two of the three pillars leading to the GA teleporter are shoot-to-lower.
  • There is a very purposeful placement of a west-facing silent spawn in the hallways.

Skill levels are implemented
  • 4-5: The original item layout, designed for OS duel.
  • 1-2: A layout that is a little more item-respawn friendly.  Nixes some of the health and changes the stack of GA to a single.
  • 3: FFA-friendly.  Single GA and the BFG is replaced with a plasmagun.

This map is finished.

Eyedea: eyedea.wad

Final Release: Moved the bfg-lift trigger line forward a tiny bit so you don't jump over the BFG by accident.  Also prettied up the intermission screen a bit.
Beta K: Moved the teleporter-exit spawn into the middle clearing.  Also adjusted the "silent" hallway spawn to spawn on top of the SG (doom2.exe has no weapon pickup noises), and did a few cosmetic tweaks.
Beta J: Added a couple of extra use lines to the south lift just in case you get stuck in there while it's down.  Also added an intermission pic, intermission music, and a subtle UD shout-out.
Beta I: Switched initial spawns to be at the two SSG spawns, for balance. Also made the way the GA stack disappears look nicer.
Beta H: Fixes a couple of disappearing-rocket bugs using Vanilla weapon impacts.  Also implemented skill levels.
Beta G: First widely-published release.

Currently hosted on FUNCRUSHER Duel Rotation:

THANKS TO everyone who has playtested the map so far.
SPECIAL SHOUT OUTS TO those who offered solid, actionable feedback that directly resulted in improvements to the map.  Those include dew, Stall, Xen, Combinebobnt and Catastrophe.

Technical Support / IRC Client?

« on: July 18, 2012, 11:54:57 »
I think that an IRC client in the launcher would be a really neat idea.  Both IDE and Doomseeker have one, but I think that making IRC a little more 'front and center' than either of those options would be a good idea, in order to make finding games with players easier.  It's been done before; Doom Connecter had chat in the bottom pane of the server browser (not IRC).

As well as Doomwire:

And of course DWANGO itself:

One downside is that autojoining an IRC channel exposes your IP address to everyone in the channel unless you cloak yourself.  Unfortunately, Quakenet does not allow ordinary users to cloak themselves unless they're registered and set themselves +x before joining.  And as we well know, other networks are usually not as hospitable to gamers and clan scenes as Quakenet, and running an Odamex-specific IRC network would be overkill.

EDIT: A quick mockup
As I'm sure you're all aware, Odamex is based off of ZDoom 1.22 with various features backported from ZDoom 1.23 with Randy's permission and some vanilla-isms forwardported to make most demos work and to verify its vanilla-compatibility.  However, a lot has changed in ZDoom land since 2003, most significantly the introduction of DECORATE as we know it in ZDoom 2.1.  And so the question on the table far down the ZDoom rabbit hole should Odamex go in terms of mapping and modding features?

Now, Skulltag/Zandronum is currently at version 2.1.7, with various features from newer versions of ZDoom backported.  And we can see what the results of throwing in everything + the kitchen sink are...people playing Doom is becoming increasingly rare in lieu of mods like All Out War 2 and Mega Man 8 bit Deathmatch.  Not that there's anything necessarily wrong with people playing what they like, but I think we'd all prefer if Odamex mainly remain a way of playing Doom online.

Personally, I'd love to see things like UDMF, PK3 support, 3DMixTex, a bigger subset of ACS and even 3D Floors.  On the other hand, I'm _extremely_ wary of adding anything that provides any more flexibility in redefining actors than we already have, like DEHSUPP and DECORATE.  The problem is, it's a hazy line...Odamex added support for railguns in 0.6, which is accomplished through a ZDoom-specific railgun codepointer, callable through DeHackEd (which itself is a primitive way of redefining actors).  And there might be others.

So in terms of mapping and modding features, what should Odamex backport and what shouldn't it?  

General Discussion / Windows Nightlies

« on: October 02, 2007, 19:00:39 »
After much headache, I have finally been able to set up a system of nightly Odamex builds for testing purposes.  Every night at 6AM, or whenever I click the magic button (tm), a new build is uploaded.

However, I must stress that these builds are for TESTING PURPOSES and probably will break on most of the servers you try to connect to.  If you want to actually play these builds with other people, join our IRC channel and bug me to organize a test session.  And please run odamex-dbg.bat instead of odamex.exe (type in start to start the game and then continue to continue past a breakpoint), because if you crash, gdb will be able to catch the program, and we can diagnose what went wrong assuming you get a backtrace (type in bt).

Confused?  I'll be writing a wiki article soon on how to properly test and how to use GDB.  But if you don't know what you're doing, don't download it.  It's that simple.

The filenames are named  The number at the end is the SVN revision.  You can find out what has changed in that particular revision by looking at the SVN Tracker or Changelog, both of which are accessable from the left hand panel.

So what is actually avalible in the zip file you download?  The zip come with a Win32 Debug compiled version of odamex, the odamex server, a copy of GDB, and a batch file to run Odamex with GDB. This should make testing orders of magnitude easier.  By the way, thanks for actually reading this the whole way through, you need to click on the sixth word on the sentance at the bottom of the page to actually go to the downloads page.  However, my script is not yet advanced enough to tell if compiling has failed. So if you download the latest revision and it turns out to be missing odamex.exe, that’s why.  And for godsakes, if you get one of these defective builds, tell me

Also, it goes without saying that these builds are not endorsed by the Odamex team, and in fact are liable to start and stop being updated without notice.  This is something I hacked together in my spare time.

If you have read everything click here to access the nightlies

General Discussion / The 0.3 thread

« on: September 25, 2007, 22:01:11 » you guys think that it might be appropriate to release a 0.3?  0.2 is light years behind SVN as it stands, and it might be a good idea to give the people a more up to date precompiled executable, even if it doesn't include cardboard or the new spectator code.

The bugtracker is pretty full.  The only question is, what should be considered a blocking problem?

General Discussion / Bugtest weekends

« on: April 04, 2007, 21:18:11 »
With the sucess of last week's bugtestfest, I am now hereby inagurating a new event that takes place sometime durring the weekend, basically when it is most convenient for me and other people, but otherwise on Saturday nights.

Our objective is twofold.  One, we go through the list of unresolved bugs in the bugtracker and see if we can add more information to them, especially ones that say "please test".  Two, if we find more bugs, we post them.

Our requirements are simple.  All we need are at least three people, preferably a half dozen or so, and occationally a lot, that can compile odamex on their own, run it against gdb, and are able to follow my agenda (i.e., not expect to be entertained, but instead actually follow along with what I'm trying to test).  Why three?  Because in my experience, more players tends to bring the bugs to the forfront.

So, how do you compile odamex?  Simple, check the wiki for instructions.  How do you run gdb against odamex?  Simply grab gdb for your platform, stick it in your odamex directory, run gdb odamex at the command line, then type start (and then continue if it hits a breakpoint before loading completely).  Then, if the program crashes, you need to type in bt at the prompt, paste the output in the pastebin and then copy the URL of the pasted backtrace into #odamex so we can discuss it further or perhaps even add a bug report pertaining to it.  And keep gdb open until someone says you can just restart the program, just in case a developer wants you to run more gdb commands to help pinpoint the problem.

Note that this is not encouraging all bugtesting to take place one day a week.  Really, I'm starting this so people can learn how to compile and run odamex against gdb, and hopefully get more people doing bug testing at all other times durring the week.  The bugtracker has become stale, filled to the brim with tons of bugs that haven't had any followup.  It's time we change that.

General Discussion / Bored at work...

« on: January 05, 2007, 13:57:56 »
This is what happens when you have too much free time at work...

click for big

Not Shown: The LAN server I was connected to, Cygwin compiled.

Ran reasonably well, considering the hardware (Early 400mhz PowerMac G4).  And yes, that's Freedoom in the screenshot, as I didn't have my Doom2 IWAD handy.  I suppose this goes to show that you can enjoy Odamex on damn near any platform you like.

Technical Support / Multiplatform launcher is ALIVE!!!

« on: December 29, 2006, 09:42:53 »
A major milestone has been hit in the wx Launcher development process.  I don't know how regularly you guys check the wiki, but the Launcher now officially runs on all three major platforms natively.  Screenshots of this latest breakthrough can be seen here:

Hats off to our development team for making this happen.

Maps, Wads and Mods / Classic CTF

« on: November 09, 2006, 17:28:11 »
A topic for each project, I suppose...

Tonight I finished Beta 2 of Classic CTF. What is Classic CTF? Well, it is...

Code: [Select]
MAP01: Fortress Collision (ZDCTFMP MAP01)
MAP02: Refineries (ZDCTFMP MAP02)
MAP03: Exophase (ZDCTFMP MAP03, got permission from Exl)
MAP04: Cursed (ZDCTFMP MAP06)
MAP05: The Excavation (ZDCTFMP MAP07)
MAP06: Something Epic (ZDCTFMP MAP08)
MAP07: Frozen (ZDCTFMP MAP09)
MAP08: UAC Headquarters (ZDCTFMP2 MAP19, got permission from Seismos)

...all converted to Boom. And they're all done and converted too, so you can try them out now. All I need is to come up with a logo for the title screen, and also address bugs that come up durring testing. Once that's settled, then Odamex (and also Skulltag (!)) will be able to, for the first time, play maps that were formally locked into ZDaemon.

Get it here.

Maps, Wads and Mods / Odamex CTF

« on: October 23, 2006, 10:35:54 »
So I decided to finally take the covers off of Odamex CTF the other day. You can download the latest beta here. 8CTFDUME had the cumulation of about a months worth of modifications to it.

Now for what I've got in the oven. For 8CTFDUMF, I spiffied up Ralphis' map and put in lights like he wanted (even though the light sourcing looks like an AlexMax light source and not a Ralphis one, so I'll have to ask Ralphis' opinion on that). I then took a long look at my CTF maps (MAP01, MAP02, MAP03 and MAP05) and decided to simplify each of them, because I felt too many of them were being encumbered by the tons of switches I had put in there for gimmick features that in retrospect were kind of a bad idea in the first place.

MAP02 has been changed around AGAIN. This time, I put the switch to lower the rockets in front of the lift itself. I might put it back where it used to be in older betas, but they're kind of out of the way already, I want them to be used, but out of the way enough to not be abused and not be picked up if you're in a hurry, which happens often on this map. I also changed around the 'behind the weapon' teleport on each side, now the hallway is deeper and enterable from two sides. I also made an identical 'behind the weapon' corridor on the opposite side near the flag, minus the teleporter, but I have no idea what I want to put in there. Not armor, I don't want defenders getting cozy. Not health, I already have the health in an easily accessable yet really vulnerable position already. Maybe ammo, but I dunno, your mortality is so guarenteed on this level that it might not be worth going in for. Blur sphere maybe, to spice things up, I mean seriously, when was the last time you saw a blur sphere in a map?

MAP03's gimmick that I introduced in recent betas kind of bugged me, because if you got trapped in the blood pit, your only recourse was to teleport out. I remember in earlier betas where the middle would become a chokepoint and battleground, and while I didn't like how people blazed through in the origional version, the redo actually made it worse, and I wanted to fix that. So I raised the blood river and the wooden passage to the north to be 8 below the rock formation so it's now a three way intersection again. The only difference is that it's now possible to spam the shit out of that corridor because the staircase that was in earlier betas was replaced with gradually increasing rock steps, which aren't as restrictive in terms of spammage. However, the wood paneling in the middle is still there, so not only is it not possible to spam from one end of the level, but it also prevents you from just zooming straight through the middle like in earlier betas. Now you HAVE to turn in one direction or the other, which would encourage use of the teleporters, which is what my whole experiment with the middle was about in the first place. Also, I suppose the wood paneling gives you a barrier to juke your way around or have a SSG battle around, more of those situations is always a good thing. The plasma is still down the long dark hall, but it's a damage floor, so you can't camp it, and it's out of your way, and you're also pretty vulnerable to getting your shit ruined by a rocket. Maybe being able to camp the plasma is a good thing though, we'll have to see how it playtests.

The other two remain unchanged. MAP05 in particular is to remain untouched. I had considered putting in a platform in the back that would allow spamming in without allowing access, but I couldn't figure out how to impliment it right and I dropped the idea. I still don't know how I came up with such a cool map design, espcially one with so much room for depth and strategy.

Wow, that turned out longer than I had exprected. You guys probably have no clue what I'm ranting about, so I'll see if I can get some screenshots. I should seriously jot down a few tutorials about good CTF level design, because aside from Toke, who came up with a few brilliant ideas which I wanted to incorperate some of which in my own maps, I really haven't seen anyone consiously trying to bring something new to the table...or they try and their grand map design doesn't work out quite like they expected because they play too much Unreal Tournament or something.
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