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Very nice stuff, for sure !

However, something makes me wonder : how could one create a server with your ELO stats ? Does it need another server binary ?

GOOD Q - that is actually the next step in the project.  I posted a bit premature I think, and have been refining everything since then to a suitable place. Not another server binary no- this project is using a python wrapper to run odasrv and analyzing the stdout from there.   I will be making the wrapper available for you to run on your own server, sending stats to  Next step is an api for the website so that 3rd parties can send data freely.  Give it maybe 2 weeks or so (definitely done before Quakecon/ doomcon) and I will share the wrapper for people to host!

Whats up yall,

If you are interested in competitive dueling, check out -  -  a new server cluster/website tracking your games, stats, and ranks on an ELO ladder!  Currently in beta testing phase with an open Duel ladder (ZDDL settings)  Break out that BFG :)

Ladder snapshot:
(you know I am this good!!)

Some Stats:

Servers:  Duel Ladder Test Server #1 (NYC)  ---  Duel Ladder Test Server #2 (NYC)  ---


New features & game modes to come. 
ALSO: the wad being used is duel2020.wad by hobomaster.... it is awesome! 

See you out there -


Devoblog / Re: Odamex is Looking for Programming Talent

« on: January 27, 2016, 14:46:44 »
I don't have any programming skills, but here is an awesome video series that I think may be a good resource for the development of Odamex.

Phillip Buuck's Handmade Quake Series  (2016)

This guy is building a Quake I port from scratch, explaining everything step by step.  Seems incredibly detailed- he explains every line of code. Quake I/Doom 2 whats the difference? Anyways, hope someone finds this helpful.  Maybe this guy would even be interested? lol. Good luck.

General Discussion / Re: Community Questionnaire

« on: August 25, 2014, 22:33:07 »
What is your username and what does it mean?
Rude- I always liked Rude from the Turks  :D

What was the first doom you ever played? (Doom, Doom 2, Final Doom, Doom64, Doom3)
First played Doom at my Dads office in like 1996, it was installed on all the PCs there lol.

What was the first (unofficial) source port you ever played and when?
Zdaemon 2004

What was the first (unofficial) pwad you ever played and when?
Im not sure, I used to only play FFA when I first started, brit10 is a good guess.

What is your favorite game mode?

If you are in a clan, what clan and why are you in it?
[FW] - We're a bunch of dudes that enjoy odamex, its fun.

What is your fondest memory of multiplayer Doom?
Going to Quakecon 2013 and meeting JKist, Dev, and DS.


General Discussion / FW challenges UD

« on: April 02, 2014, 14:05:17 »
What up ODAMEXXX. 

I'm out here trying to get some CTF going on 0.7.  So the challenge is going out to UD from FW. I think FW could come out on top - say ggs and be on top of the Odamex clan scene. 4v4 CTF. ggs and happy fun times.

Hit us up.

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