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Devoblog / Re: CTF Points System

« on: April 24, 2008, 22:26:13 »
20 consecutive frags without death - 20 points per frag
So basically someone can gain 400 points from doing twenty kills without dying? Seems a bit excessive to me compared to your suggestion for how many points should be given for capturing the flag, unless I misinterpreted what you said and you meant 20 points per frag after getting twenty kills without dying.

I personally believe that someone should get better rewards for capturing the flag rather than killing, since some people (myself inclusive) usually delegate themselves to solely focusing on capturing the flag and not caring much (if at all) about fragging.

Devoblog / Re: CTF Points System

« on: April 23, 2008, 23:04:25 »
Frags used to count for a single point. I wonder how it got changed.
-- And I don't know why, but CodeBlocks likes to screw around with spaces and lines. >:P
That's probably because of the different formatting styles for the code in Odamex. It seriously needs to be standardized.
P.S.S. Is it possible to change your forum/wiki name?
The admins can change the forum name, but I'm not sure if it also updates the current wiki account or if it just creates a new account.

Technical Support / Re: win1,2,3 support

« on: June 10, 2007, 22:01:45 »
Second warning for bumping old threads with worthless information. Third warning is a ban.

Developer's Corner / Re: Strife Multiplayer?

« on: June 10, 2007, 21:58:54 »
You stated obvious information that is well-known. Do not do that again.

Developer's Corner / Re: Strife Multiplayer?

« on: June 09, 2007, 23:52:47 »
Please do not bump old threads with no contribution. Thanks.

Developer's Corner / Re: Major engine restructuring.

« on: May 14, 2007, 07:15:47 »
While I'd love to help participate in this, I would like to point out that we do aim to stick close to doom2.exe gameplay physics as closely as possible. We don't want to remove any game-affecting bugs like wallrunning, silent BFG and pseudo-random seeding. We put in effort to reinstate these bugs, and I'm sure we'd hate to see them removed.

I should also mention that there's roughly 100,000 lines of code. This will not be an easy task and is definitely a long-term project, and will require a separate branch.

One more thing, the first task for this will be to remove any reference to ReplaceString. denis mentioned ages ago that ReplaceString can cause serious memleaks. There's only 1-3 references left, but they are incredibly hard to remove.

General Discussion / Re: CTF & Team colors

« on: May 07, 2007, 05:45:35 »
getting rid of the arbitrary hardcoded colors for a system similar to the one for each player would not harm anything while it would make sense.
Actually, they're not hardcoded. I believe the team code (especially the CTF code) is really flexible, but the scoreboard is hardcoded. I could be wrong and I'm sure denis will pop in correcting me.

As for the other suggestions, they're nice ideas, throw them in the bug tracker as an enhancement.

General Discussion / Re: CTF & Team colors

« on: May 04, 2007, 23:05:57 »
The main obstacle is that a high-quality CTF mapset has already been released for Odamex that uses Red/Blue. I'm not sure whether AlexMax or Ralphis would like their maps modified, not to mention making an updated version well after the original release will be troublesome if the filename remains unchanged.

General Discussion / Re: CTF & Team colors

« on: May 04, 2007, 00:39:08 »
It's not really too late, but the last thing we want to do is go against the "standard", even if it doesn't respect the original doom2.exe colours.

If there were another active client/server multiplayer port that did use the original doom2.exe colours, we would certainly abide by that, but we don't want to alienate maps made for Odamex on other ports. We do strive to be the lowest common demoninator for maps, and changing our team colours against ZDaemon, Skulltag and even ZDoom's Red/Blue/etc isn't an easy task in regards to mappers.

Developer's Corner / Re: Vicious bug testing/discovery cycles

« on: April 01, 2007, 22:30:20 »
We could name it Saturday Night Bugfest! I totally did not rip off Skulltag's FNF name convention, no siree.

Maps, Wads and Mods / Re: Odamex CTF

« on: April 01, 2007, 22:27:53 »
I think I'll shorten my review and just say that all of deathz0r's maps are the ones that suck and everything else is awesome.
All of my maps? I only have one map in there!

But I know what you're trying to get at. =D

Technical Support / Re: Need help installing Mac OS X

« on: March 22, 2007, 17:52:17 »
Code: [Select]
It's perfectly readable and does not require proper spacing, so there's no need to place it in a code tag. And don't even start with that backseat moderating business. We don't need it.

Technical Support / Re: Mapscript examples?

« on: March 19, 2007, 20:57:56 »
This is its own language. It's entirely server-side, not client-side.

General Discussion / Re: Odamex Ladder?

« on: March 13, 2007, 21:12:07 »
Or perhaps tourney's will be run IDL style which I find to be a very good idea.
You never heard it from me, but rumour is that the next IDL season will be using Odamex.
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