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Technical Support / Re: Code::Blocks Compilation Woes

« on: April 04, 2007, 22:59:02 »
Wow okay, majorly blonde, the only folder I didn't put the doom2 IWAD in was the .bin one.  Once I did that everything worked like a charm, both running from inside and outside Code::Blocks.  Thanks again for your assistance throughout this entire ordeal, RazTK.

Technical Support / Re: Code::Blocks Compilation Woes

« on: March 30, 2007, 11:19:37 »
Again, thanks for the help RazTK; I copied the odamex.wad into every folder I could think of in the SVN directory I'm working from, and still I get the same -1 status [for both client and server, release target].  I also tried setting the arguments for the IWADS just as your picture had it, still no go. I'll keep plowing through it and let you know if I get some success.

Also, the previous error I recorded earlier: "./src/wx_pch.h:33:23: wx/wxprec.h: No such file or directory".  This more than likely had to do with me trying to run it as a debug target instead of a release, when I only compiled wxWidgets as a release mode.

Technical Support / Re: Code::Blocks Compilation Woes

« on: March 24, 2007, 11:30:08 »
Thank you for the help, RazTK; I did have the VC++ versions, and after switching to the MinGW versions much progress was made.

EDIT:  Launcher and master projects run fine.  The only problem I have now is getting the client project and server project to run.  For either debug or release build targets, I keep getting these "process terminated with status -1" messages, with nothing showing up. 

Also, in an attempt to build the workspace as a whole, I receive this error:

Code: [Select]
./src/wx_pch.h:33:23: wx/wxprec.h: No such file or directory

Hmm.. I almost had everything working.


Technical Support / Code::Blocks Compilation Woes

« on: March 21, 2007, 18:48:22 »
Hey guys.

Here's the lowdown:  I run Windows XP with SP2.  I downloaded the 19th nightly build of Code::Blocks for this month.  I downloaded and installed MinGW and everything that is associated with it, according to the OdaWiki.  Extracted everything into C:\MinGW, including the "include" and "lib" folders for the SDL 1.2.11 and SDL_mixer 1.2.11 files.  I received the latest files from the SVN and put them in a directory.  The OdaWiki states to open Code::Blocks and rebuild the entire workspace, so that is what I did; I attempted to rebuild the workspace that was in the SVN.  Herein lies the problem:  it will compile quite a few files before giving me a warning that says

"Warning: .drectve `/DEFAULTLIB:"MSVCRT" /DEFAULTLIB:"OLDNAMES" ' unrecognized",

and three errors that say,

"1)C:\MinGW\lib\SDLmain.lib(./Release/SDL_win32_main.obj):C:\SDL-1.2.11\Src\:(.text[_main]+0x55): undefined reference to `_alloca_probe'

2)C:\MinGW\lib\SDLmain.lib(./Release/SDL_win32_main.obj):C:\SDL-1.2.11\Src\:(.text[_WinMain@16]+0x181): undefined reference to `_alloca_probe'

3)C:\MinGW\lib\SDLmain.lib(./Release/SDL_win32_main.obj):C:\SDL-1.2.11\Src\:(.text[_WinMain@16]+0x1c1): undefined reference to `_alloca_probe' ". 

I am confused as to what this means; I had thought that merely putting all of the necessary SDL files into the MinGW directory would have sufficed.  I googled "sdl codeblocks" and came to a page that said how to install SDL for use with Code::Blocks, so I followed those instructions to see if I could finally link everything.  No go; same warning and errors.

It would be totally tubular if I could get this project compiling so I could play around with it and maybe, hopefully, provide some patch fixes after I've looked into it.  If anyone has any idea what I might be doing wrong, or not doing at all, please shed some light on my situation [sad face]. 

Oh, here's a screen shot of what happened in case I confused anyone.  Thank you for any help in advance.  I'll try to catch someone in #odamex when I get the chance.
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