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Nitro Zone / Nitro #11 - 32in24-11 ALPHA Deathmatch

« on: October 26, 2011, 19:31:15 »

Last week's Nitro was awesome. Bones informed me that a lot of people showed up and the server was packed for about 2 and a half hours... not bad at all!

This week, the Odamex Nitro staff has teamed up with YEDS to do something special. This Saturday, we're testing the alpha version of 32in24-11, a wad composed of maps made in 24 hours. These maps are made by mappers new and old, skilled and unskilled, from various parts of the DOOM community. We are using this Nitro to not only play the maps, but to test them as well. The following Sunday the team will improve the maps for us to play next week. Thanks Shaikoten for giving us this opportunity!

This Nitro is going to be the best one yet or your money back guaranteed! ALSO YOU NEED TO HAVE ODAMEX 0.5.5 WHICH WILL BE POSTED SOON
WAD: 32in24-11_beta
Maps: 45 (1-45)
Mode: 16 Player DM, 64 player slots
Server: CoffeeNet
Date: Saturday, October 29th @ 8pm EDT


Devoblog / Odamex 0.5.3 Released

« on: June 24, 2011, 14:44:38 »
Due to a bug in the server that the development team found after the release of 0.5.2, here is 0.5.3. While this is technically just a maintenance release, it does have some pretty cool changes alongside the server fix. A list of changes and downloads can be found on the Releases page.

Otherwise, you know where to get the download. ITS RIGHT ABOVE YOU.

Devoblog / Odamex 0.5.2 Released!

« on: June 15, 2011, 00:01:33 »
Its that time again, release time!

First of all I think we should thank the newest Odamex developer, Dr_Sean. Sean showed up from nowhere and started fixing bugs like nobody's mama's business. As a result of his hard work Odamex is looking fantastic thanks to several fixes regarding things like orthogonal linedef lights, death frames, and multiple sounds played with projectiles.

Odamex is now more stable than ever. Several crashes such as changing resolutions on certain servers, and being kicked from games via the "SZP pointer null" bug have been fixed. Russell and Ladna were also hard at work and made sector prediction MUCH smoother. Additionally, all of the bugs that crept up between 0.5.0 and 0.5.1 due to the directx video change have been fixed.

Another grand feature with this release is experimental ZDoom support! Odamex now has Hexen map format, ZDoom water, real actor height, aircontrol, earthquakes, rocket jumping, and other cool ZDoom 1.22/1.23 stuff.
Do not fret oldschoolers: all ZDoom effects are 100% server toggleable. With the new cvar co_zdoomphys, you can disable or enable zdoom behavior. Odamex is the first and only port to do this!

So grab Odamex 0.5.2 and kill your friends today!

You can check out the full changelog by clicking me

Devoblog / Updates and Stuffs

« on: March 08, 2011, 18:14:31 »
I'm tired of this site being dead and the first thing I see on the front page being "Damnit," so here are some updates as to what the heck is going on!

First of all Manc is not gone. In fact he has been hard at work implementing some pretty cool things into Odamex. Russell has also been bending his brain around sectors and recently implemented a new patch that makes them about 99.9% smooth and sexy. With these features and a recent reimplementation of the classic DOOM scoreboard for 4 or less players, expect to see 0.5.2 out pretty soon and 0.6 out within the next few months. Oh and upnp support too!
Also don't forget to check out Odamex Nitro! We play games of Odamex at 11 p.m. CST. We haven't been playing lately due to lack of organization but that doesn't mean we're done with it. Recently we had a server with a pretty good number of people thanks to Unidoom! Neat!

So yeah Odamex is fine. People are coding for it and people are playing. We are still in need of a lead developer and could always use some help implemting features and squashing bugs. If you want to help Odamex be sure to hang out in #odamex on OFTC to see where you can start. Also people seem to be discouraged by not seeing people playing on the server list; don't be! There are plenty of Odamex players willing to play in #odamex and in #altdeath on QuakeNet. Don't be shy to ask for a game!

General Discussion / Odamex Nitro!

« on: January 17, 2011, 00:26:13 »
Lately at night, I and several other players have been playing games of Odamex for fun. I have decided to resurrect Odamex Sunday Nitro as...wait for it... ODAMEX NITRO!

Thats right! EVERY NIGHT we will be playing games of Odamex. What will be played? Well whatever the hell we feel like! Be sure to hang out in #odamex to chill during the wait for the game to start...or just start playing!

There is no server dedicated for Odamex Nitro. We literally decide what to play when the event begin and jump into a server. It will normally be standard Deathmatch but expect some Team DM and CTF to be played too :)

The best part? EVERYBODY is invited to these games, and we encourage you to come!


Thanks to everyone that comes!!!
Design Document

[What is Domination?]

Domination is a gamemode that has recently been implemented into Skulltag. It no longer requires ACS, so now if Odamex were to implement it the two ports would be compatible boom-wise. The gamemode is inspired from UT's Domination gamemode and works well with Doom's fast-paced gameplay.

[How is Domination played?]
Domination is played with teams. The teams fight against each in order to take control of specific sectors called "control nodes." In order for a map to work, a SECTINFO lump has to be compatible with it. The SECTINFO lump tells the corresponding sector where control nodes are located.

Here is an example of what a SECTINFO lump would look like to define node points in maps:
Code: [Select]
points =
   "The Temple" = {226},
   "Deadman's Ridge" = {298},
   "The Alien Hive" = {321}

points =
   "The Void" = {25},
   "The Maze" = {1177},
   "The Library" = {1014}

[What are the rules of Domination?]

No specific rule changes not already described below. Just be sure to give the right SECTINFO points and add team starts :-)


In various parts of the map there are "control nodes." When a player takes control of a node (the node is usually a teleporter surrounded by fog that changes color to match the team that controls it, white when nobody controls it), every 3 seconds a point is given to that team. Pointlimit will determine how many points is required for a team to be declared winner. The average pointlimit is usually somewhere around 200.

Here is an image of what a basic control node looks like in Domination for Skulltag.

This is all subject to change and open to input.

General Discussion / CTF Games to Spark Interest

« on: February 04, 2008, 21:19:07 »
This event kinda of died because everyone, including myself admittedly, never got it going D:.

I want to bring this back to life tho!

EVERY night, a group of players (the people of #odagames) will pick a game for us to play the next day. The next day at 7:00 CST we will gather in the server and get the games going! Both Ralphis and I have access to DTX1, and I'm sure if neither of us are around GhostlyDeath would be happy to substitute.

Tonight the game will be OMGMAPS FFA!


I want to start having simple CTF sessions every couple of weeks to get people more interested in Odamex. People never play Odamex, and I feel this is a shame because Odamex can be a blast with several people in a server.

So, to spark interest and actually have people IN the servers, I want to start hosting CTF sessions if people are interested. We can vote which CTF wads to play and what dmflags to use a few days before the session. The servers I manage are the [TX-Dallas] servers. I already host 32in24-4 on one server and odactf1 + 2cctg on another CTF server. (If there are more CTF wads that are Odamex compatible, please tell me, I'd be glad to add it to the map rotation of the mixed wads server :) )

Anyway it will start off simple, just games of CTF. However if it becomes popular, I and a few others may try some things to make the sessions even better. I am willing give a few people the RCON to the session server(s), that way if something goes wrong and I'm not around they can manage it.

I want to know the opinions of plenty of people before the release of .35, that way when .35 roles around we can get started.

Who likes the idea? Who would be willing to help if I need it? Who will actually SHOW UP for games? Questions/Comments/Concerns are welcome.
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