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These maps reek of 90's DOOM goodness. Earlier today I played Tango's maps that he made when he was 12, and now I'm playing this. That's 2 pre-teen mappers better than myself when I was a teenager.. lol.

Some will certainly say this needs more detail, but my opinion is leave the appearance as it is, or only slightly improve it. What some call "detail", I often see as a mess of pixels.

Good job!

Maps, Wads and Mods / Re: Duel Map: Sacrifice

« on: March 03, 2013, 22:15:36 »
This is a perfectly sized Duel map with a nice choice of texturing. A very dark and ambient feel in this one and there are very few snag spots, I also like the '2nd story'. It gives the battlefeild more depth.

Awesome pick of music by the way!
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