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Developer's Corner / Re: ogl_hack

« on: March 29, 2007, 15:33:45 »

General Discussion / Re: IDE & Odamex

« on: February 23, 2007, 03:30:34 »
Great work on this bond, thanks a bunch.

Technical Support / Re: A new odamex master!!

« on: February 07, 2007, 06:23:22 »
Have you made any modifications to the master, or is it just a plain jane master?

And how 'up' will this master be?  Is it more of a curiosity, or are you planning on leaving it up indefeniatly?

Technical Support / Re: win1,2,3 support

« on: February 07, 2007, 06:21:59 »
are these operating systems supported?
i have win3.11 on my 2nd computer, it supports doom2.exe mplayer...

Probably not, since I don't think SDL supports Windows 3.1 or even whatever that 3.11 32-bit extensions thingy was (Win32g?).

What specs are your computer, though, because I used to play ZDaemon on a 300mhz box running Windows 98, and I imagine the performance is at least similar.

Maps, Wads and Mods / Re: Odamex CTF

« on: February 01, 2007, 15:13:50 »
Speaking of which, it's out.  Go play it and bug server operators to run it.

Technical Support / Re: MS-DOS!!

« on: January 29, 2007, 15:22:51 »
Win16 is more feasible than dos imo

Actually, I would classify "Any platform that can compile under SDL" as feasable.  From the SDL website:

SDL supports Linux, Windows, Windows CE, BeOS, MacOS, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, BSD/OS, Solaris, IRIX, and QNX. The code contains support for AmigaOS, Dreamcast, Atari, AIX, OSF/Tru64, RISC OS, SymbianOS, and OS/2, but these are not officially supported.

Of those that have full support, we have not tested Odamex on Windows CE, BeOS, MacOS Classic, NetBSD, BSD/OS, IRIX and QNX.  And of course, I don't think anyone has tried any of the 'unsupported' platforms.

Technical Support / Re: Compiling Help

« on: January 25, 2007, 11:10:49 »
Umm I dont know what happened but it looks like my post got chopped off or something?

It's a bug in SMF.  I ran into similar problems before.  If you're running into problems, check where the post cut off, because there is probably something there that SMF is choking on.  For me, changing my double spaces to single spaces fixed my problems, but ymmv.

From the looks of your error message, you don't have the development libraries for SDL_mixer installed.  What distro of Linux are you running?

General Discussion / Re: Allow multiple key bindings?

« on: January 25, 2007, 00:56:31 »
Voting no for the same reason.  Being able to SR50 so easily would essentially be cheating by oldschool standards.

Here's a page on how SR-50 automation is cheating from clicky, and also here

edit: updated link

It's important to note that while the Strafe-On button is activated, both mouse movement from side to side and the normal turn-left and turn-right keys on the keyboard cease to be interpreted as a signal to turn the player, but instead are taken by Doom2 as a strafe command. This inability to immedietely turn artificially limits the reaction time and manuverability of a player (especially a mouse+keys configuration player) who is in Strafe-50 mode.

Devoblog / Re: Odamex 0.1 Alpha is out!

« on: January 23, 2007, 12:30:02 »
* user`ok is waiting for Linux version...

It's already out.  Because you're running linux, compiling the source yourself should be a cakewalk for you.

General Discussion / Re: "Advanced Rendering"

« on: January 21, 2007, 20:29:18 »
AlexMax, thank you for explanation.
Yeah, nonfiltered OpenGL rendering is great, but won't there be some new bugs on introducing OpenGL renderer?
I tried once to make GZdoom look totally like Zdoom. Even when i turned off all opengl features in GZ leaving only rendering itself, the picture looked almost like software rendering, but the feeling of actions, motion, mouselook was absolutely different. It really can change gameplay.

That is up to the author of the renderer.  If he considers such inaccuracies 'bugs' then he'll fix them.  Otherwise no.  I would think that if Odamex ever considered introducing an OpenGL renderer that was meant to replace (instead of compliment) the software renderer, such inaccuracies would be considered bugs.  But you still can't equivocate ogl_hack to GZDoom's OpenGL renderer, since they were made by two different people and made with two differnt goals in mind.

General Discussion / Re: "Advanced Rendering"

« on: January 21, 2007, 20:13:03 »
So OpenGL rendering is just useless here.

Not necessarily.  There are many obscure problems under the hood with the Doom rendering engine, which can cause it to act funny under certain circumstances.  To fix certain bugs and add new, vital features can be a major pain in the ass for a software renderer that is as old as Doom's.  A new renderer could be very helpful to solve such problems.  Take for instance this very famous Odamex bug.  Note that this bug not only exists in Odamex, but in every single Doom port that uses software rendering at high resolutions ever.  ZDoom has it, ZDaemon has it, Eternity has it, Legacy has it, they all have it.  Months have passed, and the team has been wracking our brains from here to kingdom come trying to come up with a solution, but so far the solution has been elusive.  A similar problem has been found by the developers of Eternity where lines above a certain length could be rendered inaccurately in the software renderer, and it was finally decided that it was a fundamental problem with the Doom renderer, and had no conceivable solution.  None.  No way to fix it.  The only solution is to write an alternate renderer.

The fundamental problem here is that when you think "OpenGL", you automatically think "GZDoom" and "Doomsday Engine", which you don't necessarily care for.  I understand, I prefer to use software-rendered engines myself.  However, have you considered that OpenGL doesn't have to necessarily be "colored lighting and special effects galore"?

OpenGL allows easy ways of doing graphics intensive things for purpose-built GPU's that were a huge pain in the butt 13 years ago when the routines had to be built for a general purpose CPU's.  What if an OpenGL renderer was written that didn't filter textures, scaled light and darkness like the original renderer, and for all intents and purposes looked exactly like the original engine, but under the hood was much easier to understand and maintain?  If written carefully enough, you might not be even be able to tell you were USING the new engine (except you wouldn't run into mentioned problems).  "Impossible!" you say.  Nope, I've seen screenshots of denis' ogl_hack branch of Odamex, and it's so close to the original software renderer, it's scary.

I'm not saying that Odamex is going to have an OpenGL renderer (or not, for that matter, it's still in the experimental stage at the moment).  However, please don't misrepresent what an "OpenGL renderer" is.

General Discussion / Re: SVN Open to Public

« on: January 19, 2007, 11:53:50 »
It is open.  The wiki article on Subversion has been updated with the latest information.

Maps, Wads and Mods / Re: Classic CTF

« on: January 16, 2007, 12:59:13 »
Would it not be smart enough to name them "ODCTF01 - ODCTF10" like that standing for "ODAMEX CTF MAP01"? I would recommend telling it to be in a addition like skulltag does.

Why?  First of all, other than Skulltag and maybe the odd ZDoom map, pretty much every levelset follows the MAPxx standard.  Secondly, Odamex can stream-load WAD's on the fly, so having two WAD's with identical map names is not an issue (and makes the 'kludge' I did for ZDaemon CTF 1+2 obsolete).

Devoblog / Re: Code has been audited

« on: January 15, 2007, 13:03:55 »
yeah, way to announce this a couple of days after I stated that I want to get away from the doom community


General Discussion / Bored at work...

« on: January 05, 2007, 13:57:56 »
This is what happens when you have too much free time at work...

click for big

Not Shown: The LAN server I was connected to, Cygwin compiled.

Ran reasonably well, considering the hardware (Early 400mhz PowerMac G4).  And yes, that's Freedoom in the screenshot, as I didn't have my Doom2 IWAD handy.  I suppose this goes to show that you can enjoy Odamex on damn near any platform you like.
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