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Obsidian Deathmatch
« on: March 16, 2012, 18:29:23 »
After months of sitting in a folder, Obsidian DM is now out and ready to play! It contains 20 original(ish) old-school styled maps from myself with contributions by tm512, Proteh, and Jroc.

MAP01 - Brix (Tempest)
MAP02 - Dwangohalls (Tempest)
MAP03 - Still Grey (Tempest)
MAP04 - Tek Tek Tek (Tempest)
MAP05 - Our Children's Children (Tempest)
MAP06 - Snappin'! (Tempest)
MAP07 - Phobos Phrenzy (Tempest Ft. tm512)
MAP08 - Brick11 (Tempest Ft. tm512)
MAP09 - So Original (Tempest)
MAP10 - Red Heat (Tempest Ft. tm512)
MAP11 - Envy (Tempest)
MAP12 - The Grifter (Tempest)
MAP13 - Hellhole (Tempest)
MAP14 - Greenwhore (Tempest)
MAP15 - Guro Beach (Tempest)
MAP16 - Headcase (Tempest)
MAP17 - Joodass (Tempest)
MAP18 - Storage Zone (Proteh)
MAP19 - Tektical Maneuvers (tm512)
MAP20 - Dimensions of Doom (Jroc)


The .zip can be found here: (tell your friends!)

Please give feedback and have fun!