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Topic: The State of Odamex - May 2012  (Read 14045 times)

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The State of Odamex - May 2012
« on: May 01, 2012, 12:11:09 »
As some of you may have noticed, today marks the beginning of May and, perhaps more relevant to this project, the end of April. Although Odamex 0.6 was slated for an April 2012 release, the development team has made the decision to slightly delay the public release for a few additional tweaks and small bug fixes.

I can assure you that the core of Odamex 0.6 is ready to go. Hours have been spent almost every night play testing with dozens of different individuals. Although these test sessions have gone incredibly smooth, we are playing the role of a perfectionist. Some of the smaller complaints and bugs we have found are being tended to quickly and tweaked to ensure that there won't be an immediate follow up to the Odamex 0.6 release because of hasty oversight. Do not be alarmed though! The new release will be widely available only in a matter of days. I promise it won't be long.

In the meantime, a number of developments have happened throughout our growing community as we edge towards our 0.6 release. Many individuals have had the opportunity to play our daily builds and we are confident that our budding community will have the opportunity to flourish immediately upon release.

A number of new wads are being developed specifically for the Odamex 0.6 release. Our own resident HeX9109 has taken the lead on the converting and updating many classic CTF maps in the Anthology CTF project, slated for release alongside Odamex 0.6. The Mechanix Union have also started moving the gears on Velocity CTF II. To post your own wads and get involved in mapping for Odamex 0.6, visit our Maps, Wads, and Mods forum.

Building on Odamex Saturday Nitro's resounding success, Odamex forum user capodecima, with the support of long-time Odamex server host Liquid Doom, has put forth the effort to run an equivalent event for European users. Odamex Sunday Thunder takes place every Sunday night in the European time zones. As a bonus, Americans can drop in for a mid-day romp. Thunder's very first event drew incredibly large crowds, with the server averaging 18-20 players for almost two hours. Odamex Sunday Thunder always takes place at the following times:

-United Kingdom (19:00)
-Central Europe (20:00)
-Russia/Moscow (22:00)
-Eastern US (2:00 PM)
-Western US (11:00 AM)

Perhaps one of the greatest testaments to Odamex's continued development is the International Doom League's announcement that they will be moving to Odamex full-time for their twelfth full season. The IDL is one of the oldest and most successful leagues in the history of the Doom community. We would like to welcome the IDL into the Odamex community and both anticipate and appreciate the high level of competitive play that they should bring to Odamex starting this summer.

Odamex 0.6 is not much further off, but you don't have to wait until then to get involved. You can visit either one of our IRC channels ( #odamex, #odamex), sign up and post to our forums, or just join in some games for the final remaining days of 0.5.6. The Odamex community has come a long way in a short amount of time and we're just getting started.