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MAGFest Checklist
« on: December 13, 2007, 04:09:19 »
This is our MAGFEST Checklist. It is subject to change at all times until MAGFest. It would be great if we could lock down most of these details.

Travel Attendees

Confirmed attendees thus far:

Red denotes traveling from Philadelphia with Ralphis
Blue denotes flying into Washington for pickup

Matt Cibulas (RottKing)
Michael Lightner (Manc) CONFIRMED BABY
Tim McGrouty
Ralph Vickers (Ralphis)

Travel Itinerary

Ralph's group travel plans

Wednesday, January 2th

-Ralph & Tim load most equipment on Wed. Jan 2

Thursday, January 3rd

-Ralph takes R2 from Norwood to 30th St. station @ 10:12am
-Ralph picks up Matt at 30th st. station @ 11am
-Ralph & Matt take 11:39am R2 to Norwood, arrive at noon
-Ralph's party leaves around 12:30 pm for Alexandria
     -Estimated distance: 135.49 miles
     -Estimated travel time: 2.5 hours
-Arrive at Hotel around 3:30 pm, check into rooms

Friday, January 4th

Saturday, January 5th

Sunday, January 6th

-Hotel check out is at Noon.
-Playing this by ear atm.

Monday, January 7th

-Ralph & Matt take R2 from Norwood to 30th St. station @ 12:18 pm, arrive at 12:39 pm. Kiss each other goodbye.
-Matt boards Amtrak to Bridgeport at 1:58 pm from 30th St.
-Ralph takes 2:31 pm R2 to Norwood, arrives home at 2:48 pm

Mike's travel plans

Thursday, January 3rd

-Arrives at Airport at 9:43a

Friday, January 4th

Saturday, January 5th

Sunday, January 6th

-Leaves airport at 7:45p

Table Schedule

I haven't put anything in here yet because I'm still waiting for a schedule from MAGFest on their events. We probably wanted to schedule everything around their big events and not run tournaments when they'll be having high volume tournaments, etc.

Thursday, January 3rd

10:00p-Midnight: 1on1 Tournament

Friday, January 4th

3:00p-5:00p : 1on1 Tournament
Note: Followed by concert

Saturday, January 5th

1:00p-4:00p : 3on3 CTF Tournament
Midnight-1p : 1on1 Tournament (Maybe)

Sunday, January 6th

11:00a-Noon : 1on1 Tournament


Red is being brought by Ralph's group
Blue is being brought by Mike
Yellow still needs confirmation

Windows XP loaded Computers (7)
Flat Panel monitors (5) Note: Could use one more!
Flat Panel monitors (1) Note: From Manc
Keyboards (7)
Mice (7) Note: More optical mice would be great.
Headphones (6)
8-Port Hub
Network cables (7)
Power strips (?) Note: Not sure how many of these we would need for 7 computers, monitors, a hub, and other equipment. At least 15 sockets.

Odamex Shirts (14) Note: Need 15, one goes to Hobomaster22. Some goto staffers. Rest can go as prizes.
Odamex Banner

UD Radio broadcasting equipment
USB wireless connection dongle
Amplifier for Wireless Mic

Please let me know if you think I've forgotten anything.

Anything that is in yellow is not 100% confirmed to be on its way, either because we don't have it or because the people that would have it are not locked in yet. If you can donate to us anything on this list, please contact me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Also, for the people who are attending, remember that if you want to swim or anything in the hotel pool, you should bring a bathing suit or what not. Though we're here on "business", each of us will have downtime to hang out and should enjoy as much as the rest of the festival has to offer.

Money Not Yet Spent

Potentially $10/day for Wireless = Approx. $30
$9/day for Parking (2 vehicles) = $54

Total = $84 extra expenses
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Re: MAGFest Checklist
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2008, 11:31:35 »
So, MAGFest ended?
Any photos? :)