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Topic: News? On this site? Unpossible!  (Read 5634 times)

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News? On this site? Unpossible!
« on: April 08, 2008, 21:28:07 »
...but true!  For those hardcore dedicated folks that have been following our latest developments, you may know this, but for the 98% that may not have revision 559 is a critical update for those running development versions of Odamex.  We recommend updating your servers (and dev clients) asap (the latest revision as of this writing is 0.3r563).

In other old news, MagFEST was awesome, but we're not committing at this time one way or the other for next year.  It was definitely a challenge, but overall a success.  We had very well-run tournaments, and we gave away all our swag.  As soon as I get the link again from Rottking I will link pix.

In sadder news, you may have noticed we no longer have a Master 1 master server.  Thankfully is still operational, so be sure your servers and launchers are pointing to it.  By default communication should happen on both, but in case you modified the list (naughty!) is the place to point.

I think that's it for now.  We're getting the ball rolling again, crawling out of our winter caves and pushing up our sleeves.  And remember, if you're ever interested in contributing via bug tracker patches, documentation or anything else, we are here to facilitate!
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