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Pray for Death
« on: November 23, 2012, 12:07:41 »
Hey guys,

After the completion of Velocity, the Mechanix Union has decided to step into the realm of single player doom. Pray for Death is our next project, and I'm here to advertize to you guys early, to see if anyone is up for the challenge.

This project will be a multi-port boom compatible wad with a variety of themes to go on. Dusk has supplied us with a good resource pack to start with. The plan is 32 maps, but that is ultimately flexible.

No I don't have screenshots to present to you. But you've seen our work before, you've seen the Union's dedication to projects. You know we are capable of making a quality product.

If you're interested, by all means let me know. #mxu on quakenet exists but is a little inactive, sorry to say. If you wanna idle with us, #mxu on zanirc is always bustling with activity. The MXU forums will form the basis of PFD's building, so that's always an option too.

Here's the current resources.

Here's the general overview.

Additionally, if sp/coop doesn't float your boat, we are also offering a multiport DM wad to be worked on as well. Originally head by Shane, Ultdm!
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