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Topic: Old ZDOOM, BOOM, and MBF Bit Support for BEX  (Read 4663 times)

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Old ZDOOM, BOOM, and MBF Bit Support for BEX
« on: February 05, 2013, 20:16:46 »
We have support for Railguns which is a plus, but I can not seem to get any of the old ZDOOM bits to work as featured here:

I believe these existed in ZDOOM 1.22 and earlier, so I assume this is just a feature that happens to be broken like the MBF bits and new thing types?

Regardless if Decorate support is planned for the future or not, these features could be used now to expand upon the old Deh which we must work with in order to create new weapons and enemies. While I would prefer Decorate, I can live with the old school methods as well, though I'd prefer to have these and possibly MBF's features re-implemented. BOOM's as well.

Fingers crossed so tightly the blood pressure is cutting off. ;)
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