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Topic: Deathmatch Revival - July 4th Release Date Set!  (Read 3250 times)

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Deathmatch Revival - July 4th Release Date Set!
« on: March 14, 2013, 22:06:56 »
Deathmatch Revival: Doomers, I need you!

For a while now, I've wanted to collaborate with other mappers and get some more solid, oldschool-style deathmatch levels put together. In recent years, DM seems to have fallen greatly in popularity, and I want to do anything I can to get people back in the killing feilds. COOP and Survival are great - but there's nothing like pitting 2 marines against eachother.

The Team So Far:
- Doomkid92
- agaures
- Decay
- TheMionicDonut
- Flamen0d
- StarKiller
- mr fiat
- W1D3A55
- one_two
- bobvorn
- Tor-Bjorn
- dachauncinator
- nub_hat
- joepallai
- katZune
- Enzo03
- durian
- Ogre
- OmegaLore
- shockwave1993attack
- frickers

We're all filled up!

I have built 3 maps for this project so far, which you can download here:

What I'm aiming for with this community effort are maps that [obviously] play well and look nice, but aren't overcrowded with 10 million unnecessary sectors or full of clashy texturing. This is a project where all mappers, new and old, are invited to put their ideas forward, collaborate with others, and construct some balanced DM zones for us all to enjoy!

You may contribute multiple maps if you'd like, but as a reccomendation, put more love and care into just 1 or 2 maps - You'll be more pleased with the results. In total, this pack should end up at ~20 maps, after all is said and done.


These maps don't necessarily have to be DOS-Doom compatable, our target audiences are Zdaemon, Odamex and Zandronum players, as they are where you'll probably find a deathmatch if you're craving one.

The expectation here above all else is balance; appearance is very secondary, and other mappers will be able to assist with texturing and eye-candy, if you wish. Gameplay issues like Blue Armor on BFG on Soulsphere are a big no-no, unless they're nearly impossible to grab. Make the players really earn their frags :)

I'm looking for all and any mappers to join in, so i'll be posting around on the other Doom forums as well. The more, the merrier. [You'll find a more detailed thread over at Doomworld.]

I really hope to see some interest generated for this - If I don't get deathmatches in on a daily basis, I start getting an itch, and I know I'm not the only one. Sign up now and show us what you've got!
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I'll give you one. I'm not sure when I'll get around to making it. Hell Halls. I already have the design and theme laid out in my head, just never had somewhere to put it. Well I do, but MXU's current projects are moving superrrrrrrrrrrrr slow right now.
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Awesome, I'm glad you're interested Decay. I know you make super-solid maps, I'm excited to see what you'll come up with.
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Hey guys, Another new DMR beta is ready, fresh out of the editor (June 10th)


A lot of updates, enough to set a release date at July 4th!

-Credits map built! I went the simple "Names scrolling in lights" route, no picking of favorites or little icons or anything. I think this works best anyway.

-Texture issues begone! Aside from the VERY rare stray flat, every texture issue is resolved and all maps are totally cross compatable. It took plenty of time, but this is a great step!

-Details added. Map 16 (Deathmatch Prison) was very bare, and has had a lot of love shown to it. I think it's looking pretty slick. Map 24 (Splatter House) is an awesome map but it suffers from some serious textures issues. A few other maps could stand a bit more detail too.

-Some MIDI's changed. Some repetitive MIDI's were swapped and other requests have been met. If you want me to change your song, just send the new file my way and I'll put it right in.

Long short, here's where we stand: Another run through of beta testing: Looking for any remaining glitches, and detailing the very few remaining sparse areas. Any texture alignments should be pointed out too - We want the maps to have that nice 'finished' look to them.

DMR on Youtube:


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