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Topic: Doomseeker 0.2a; now with Odamex support  (Read 6295 times)

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Doomseeker 0.2a; now with Odamex support
« on: May 24, 2009, 11:31:56 »
The new cross-platform server browser, Doomseeker, has just been released with support for the current version of Odamex.

Doomseeker boasts some of the fastest speeds seen on server browsers yet. Other useful features of the browser are a search filter for servers, buddy lists, and plugin support for other multiplayer engines. Doomseeker also utilizes Wadseeker, a quick, GetWAD alternative.

Doomseeker appears to be a nice alternative to those who do not prefer the native Odamex launcher or IDE. To download Doomseeker, visit their download page to select your platform.