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Topic: New Guns for DM!  (Read 3891 times)

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New Guns for DM!
« on: May 01, 2014, 04:53:48 »
Hello again my friends. Today, I'm releaseing something small but fun, called "Doomkid's Deathmatch Guns". Sadly, it isn't a new pack of levels, but rather a gun modifier pack.

The aim here was to make something less exaggerated than the common gun mods seen online, many of which don't even take Odamex compatability into account - These are supposed to feel like 'official' Doom guns, with a little extra kick, perfect for a fair but fresh Deathmatch.


SCREENS: (Basically, they're modified alpha sprites, the only ones that I thought looked good enough)

The skins and sound addons don't seem to work in Oda, but they're just little addons anyway.

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