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Topic: Private, off-line Local Server (won't display)  (Read 4512 times)

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Private, off-line Local Server (won't display)
« on: November 01, 2010, 01:09:44 »
Is it possible to create an automatically detectable server with a router that is not connected to the internet?
I know this sounds like a dumb question, but I got port forwarding on and everything, and regardless nothing will auto detect the server. I've evern tried a cross over cable but to no avail.
Granted on the computer that I am running the server on, I can connect to the server, but only if I put in the server IP manually. Considering that this is not an option on the XBOX port, I'm kind of at a stand still.

Also when ever I try to refresh the server list, Odamex crashes, or hangs in the case of the XBOX. On the PC side, it will not let me close the Launcher.

Any ideas?

Thank you, AMAZING source port!!! I hope to see it on the Wii, and Amiga OS/MorphOS some day! ;)

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