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« on: September 26, 2014, 16:12:56 »
Alright, Heloo yall - This is CaptainOvaltine, Doin mah best to understand the process of configuring Doom, and all its Source Ports and Clients and stuff, so it will play on my machine hassel free.

I am tackling the Multiplayer today, and I have found the Version Patch Tool and all that good stuff...
Using either Odamex Client or Dooomseeker I seem to be getting this error and I cant find anything online Related to Multiplayer and Odamex regarding it- so I am Asking for help in understanding the issue.

W_getnumforname STTMINUS not found!

Now- This may be a noob issue- but I would appreciate the help. The set up for these clients is a little Cryptic, throwing you right at some startrek controls with all sorts of strange stuff - being that I grew up during the age where all this Online play was really technical and cutting edge, I have only used Xbox to play online- because it is more or less fool proof...

Thats my Bio thanks for reading-
Please Help me and hopefully other folks understand what it is that Odamex needs from me so I can maybe shoot some demons with some of yall one day!
Thanks -

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« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2014, 16:55:14 »
After some digging and tinkering I think I got it.
STTMINUS seems to be a part of the WAD, a Lump if I got it right- or part of a Lump- having to do with the status bar...
Old versions of the DOOM.WAD dont have the STTMINUS in the Lumps...
Even though I updated the wads I guess Odamex relies on the .WAD files that are placed in its own directory...
Placing an Updated version of the Wad seems to allow me to connect to the server I was using to test the error I was getting...
 (I renamed the copy I placed in the Odamex directory DOOM.WAD to match the names I saw listed in the "IWAD" column in the Client's Server List, as the Updater takes DOOM.WAD and Creates the Updated Version then calls it "udoom.wad"- not sure if this effects anyhting its just what I did...)
Hope This Helps Populate the Issue a little more for Anyone who is having the issue- it means in short that you don't have the right version (or have it in the right place)...
Thanks Yall!
Now I just gotta find some Players....
Love (nohomo)

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« Reply #2 on: September 28, 2014, 08:56:05 »
Your iwad did not have STTMINUS? What version do you have??? o_o
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