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Topic: Odalauncher interface simplification  (Read 7672 times)

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Odalauncher interface simplification
« on: April 27, 2015, 15:10:35 »
Is it intended for old players? Or is it made to simplify the life of newcomers? Assuming it is the second; what are the buttons these people pay attention too? Play. They want to play the game with minimal effort. Sometimes, a friend of said person has a server hosted, so he or she will need to refresh the server list. It might have a particular name so they will use the filter box, to search by server name. But wait! Odamex is more than a simple multiplayer port: it attempts to keep as close to vanilla as possible and allows single-player games, so why not prompt a dialog box with the Doom games available in his PC, once the player hits the single-player button (maybe with some pwad management)?

That being said, why not leave these three buttons (play single player, Join server and Refresh list) and MAYBE the search box in the tool bar, and hide the rest under "show advanced buttons"?

This is barely a feature request, just a feedback on odalauncher's user interface.