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Topic: New DM outlook and Design customization options  (Read 1973 times)

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New DM outlook and Design customization options
« on: December 17, 2010, 20:56:55 »
I've come up with two new ideas that seem small but would probably make Odamex more unique then the other ports presented today. The first one may not require so much work but perhaps the second idea will, and here they are:

Team Deathmatch only skins: Now I'm sure we've all played TDM and at one point in time died from a rocket that thought was their teammates, I thought maybe you can create two separate sprites of the rocket, plasma, and bfgball and color each the colors of the opposing teams. That way players won't be so confused if lots of action is going on and they can't tell which spam is their ally's, of course I recommend making this only into a compatflag for some people probably enjoy the havoc.

Customizable Weapon/Sound layout: The idea here is to allow a player to fully customize their sprite layout with whatever they choose. This idea would require a small window perhaps in the Odalauncher which would contain 1 main folder, already opened, and 9 file-options. The main folder being "weapons" and the file-options being the list of weapons from 1-9, once a file is clicked it presents the list of sprites it uses and a small description of what the sprite does and the option to the side of it to change the sprite. And at the top would be a quick option to change the sound the weapon makes. )) Now I know you're thinking it's a waste of time and probably requires A LOT of coding, but it might be worth it in the end because players love the ability of customization, but not all players know how to make their own sprites, wads and customizing stuff on their own. This would definitely earn Odamex some browny points for the players who aren't very computer smart. As a side note: I'm currently learning how to create programs, so if I somehow am able to create a window that enables these settings to be manipulated, I will surely share it with the Odamex staff, of course I'm sure something like this would require a .dll file to work with Odamex... And me and .dll files do not mix.

So there are my ideas, hard to think of many with alot of them being taken already.