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Topic: DUELPACK: 32 classic maps, with lobby!  (Read 9333 times)

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DUELPACK: 32 classic maps, with lobby!
« on: June 13, 2016, 08:13:24 »

DUELPACK: A cross-compatible duel compilation!

Hey there my fraggin' friends. For the sake of any vanilla DMers out there, I have compiled a pack of commonly played doom2 duel maps. Despite being 100% vanilla compatible, this pack comes with a lobby map (map00) that functions just like Duel40 and ZDDL4 in Zandronum, ZDaemon and Odamex. When running in vanilla, the skies will be the stock skies, but in ZDoom ports the correct skies will be displayed. Only cosmetic, everything works as intended in vanilla ports!

The maps featured are as follows:

MAP01 "entryway" by Sandy Petersen
MAP02 "ssl2" by Erkka Ryynänen
MAP03 "judas23_" by Strangenl
MAP04 "danzig1 map11" by B. Vannatta (d5m2)
MAP05 "dwango5 map01" by Rockt and Asmo
MAP06 "dwango6 map01" by Usurper
MAP07 "dwango5 map07" edit of "Dead Simple" by Sandy Petersen and American McGee
MAP08 "pobla8" by Denis Moeller
MAP09 "oblivx" by Bloodlust
MAP10 "brit10 map01" by Danny Lancashire
MAP11 "dweller2 map11" by Dweller in the Cellar
MAP12 "dwango12 map12" by Floss
MAP13 "dk_dm_13 map01" by Doomkid
MAP14 "fuloser" by Fuloser
MAP15 "king1" by by Jason Yasuko
MAP16 "greenwar map16" by Hellbent (Jason Root)
MAP17 "dwango20 map03" by The Prophet
MAP18 "kid_duel map01" by Doomkid
MAP19 "danzig2 map19" by B. Vannatta
MAP20 "greenwar map20" by Hellbent (Jason Root)
MAP21 "thehook.wad" by Spam
MAP22 "dmc2 map03" by Andrei Romanov
MAP23 "dwango6 map23" Bfw900 Map06 (Unknown Author)
MAP24 "moo2d" by Toke
MAP25 "bahdko1" by Bahdko
MAP26 "kid_duel map04" by Doomkid
MAP27 "dwango20 map32" by Traversd
MAP28 "dweller2 map02" by Dweller in the Cellar
MAP29 "swarmdmx map04" by Jason Yasuko
MAP30 "mancerx map14" by Mancer (C. Savage)
MAP31 "theden.wad" by Spam
MAP32 "bacardi1" by Lordunum (Samuel Lock)

Q: Why isn't MAPXX included in this wad? I love that map, why the hell didn't you include it?

A: I can't include everything under the sun, but anyone can compile wads assuming permission is given!

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