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Topic: Small duel guide, not for noobs  (Read 4397 times)

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Small duel guide, not for noobs
« on: October 28, 2016, 01:33:50 »
This is small "guide" about OS dueling and also things/mistakes which held me back to get better at dueling in past. There is small chance when you are coming to dueling and you are interested in dueling you can find this helpful. First i can say there is hard judge my own skills nowadays when the ppl which i faced in past are no longer here or they just dont play.
First important thing to say is doom duels are easy, but they are so easy that its hard actually play. Let me clarify this statement, doom is very old game, it was not even purely based for multiplayer. You can imagine doom duels something like foundation stone, on this stone were built and improved games like Quake. Oh yeah you say. Doom duels are easy lets play. This is the point its really easy get to game but its really hard to win regulary. I mean regulary is prob not the right word. I mean dont lose or win by accident or with luck. Win with conviction you really played better than your opponent. This is also about same with losing, ofc you can meet strong opponent which will be better on map and you just lose. But lets start what i actually thinks helped me a lot in last 2 years to get better in duels. It was really not play more (i counted my entryway games since 2002 and i found i have roughly 20000 duels on this map ;_;, on judas twice less and so on). I think i actualy played decent on 01 even in past, it was nowhere to TOP tho. Some MID/HIGH or something maybe. So yeah last 2 years deffinitely i was not spending with playing 6 hours a day to get better. The thing actually helped me is was starting thinking more about the game :D (WOW THIS IS REVOLUTIONAL) LOL I mean doom game is so extremely fast and there is really not much time to thinking about some strategies and stuff.You do a lot things automaticaly, you have learned run the routes for years, you play like robot, your movement is already perfect, you have precize aim etc. Thing is play doom duels like robot is not the best. I think quake pros can play a lot of times automode, they just time important items, run around the map perfectly attack or wait etc, they have many opinions what to do and they can play a lot of times on automode ofc against weekly oppononets. This is what is different in doom duels you cant just play automode, you have no items here, you can maybe rely on your aim but this are p much 50% vs 50% duels if you play only aim and ssg.
And here start my little guide, its just my opinion. In doom duels you have really not much strategies, there are tiny strategies which dont even seems like strategy its just good, fast decisions or something but its really important. I will not talk here you have to have some gametime on maps, you have to know every classic map, you have to know spawns on map, you have to know how to use guns good. This are all basic stuff.

But what i actually consider important in duels if you already know basics.
1. Important is for sure good run from spawn for better gun, this is scenario when you dont have ssg on spawn, there is not many classic maps like this anyway. It sounds easy but it actually was difficult, ofc its not hard press key for respawning, but its more than this, the game is extremely, it push you just spawn and spawn. Its actually better sometime just chill respawn slower, think about where you are and run. Trust me this will pay off, than some auto spawning.

2. Reading opponent is also another step forward but its really not this hard like in quake. You dont need here know how much HP he has, i know some1 can say its important here, but in OS duels there you are pretty much always with 100 hp, so its always lower when you hit him. Its easy to predict. There is only important thing when your enemy is really low, just dont die. You have to play smart him, bcz he will play more +back and trying to kill you. So this is also one important thing dont die like idiot when you know he is low. Just wait, finish him with CG on long distance or something. just dont die :D

3. This is pretty much all, how to play duels is probably just play smart, doom is extremely fast game, maps are small, its repetitive, dont play repetitive, dont be zombie, use brain, calculate your steps, there are moments when you see your enemy ran behind corner, just quick think what he can do now there and how to conquer. Pleas USE BFG, its really not lame, and you will not noob, the guy is noob who call you noob for using it. :)
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