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Topic: Alternative Server Viewer + WAD Installer - Doomseeker!  (Read 2156 times)

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Alternative Server Viewer + WAD Installer - Doomseeker!
« on: February 25, 2019, 22:02:43 »

Doomseeker is a launcher developed by Blzut3 and Zalewa and is compatible with many ports. The package I am presenting here is built exclusively for Odamex, but other engine plugs can be installed as well :)

First, tell Doomseeker where Odamex is under Options > Configurations:

Then go under "File Paths" and tell Doomseeker where you have wads (doom2.wad) installed:

You can also have Doomseeker search your PC for iwads if you do not know where they are located. It can be hard to find them on Windows 10.

Then tell Doomseeker where you want it to save your downloaded wads to:

After that you can hit "Apply" and "OK" and start fragging away easily :)

I like Doomseeker because it has a feature called WADSEEKER, which will download pwads for you at high speed and install them before Odamex is launched.

You can download Doomseeker for Odamex here

And the Doomseeker web site is located here for more info on the program itself. Doomseeker is also available for Linux and Mac and the source code is free to download as well.

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Re: Windows 10 Server Browser + WAD Installer - Doomseeker!
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2019, 08:00:04 »
This should be seriously used for Odamex 0.8.1 and onwards.

It's super easy, really fast, and open-source aswell.

Also, queries, and custom servers/masterservers ♥
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