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Topic: Odamex 0.8.1 Released!  (Read 14670 times)

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Odamex 0.8.1 Released!
« on: July 23, 2019, 13:15:41 »
** This is a required update **

* The Release *

Odamex 0.8.1 has officially been released! The new version of Odamex has numerous bug fixes, as well as a handful of new features! Make sure to scroll down to check out the full changelog. Huge credit to AlexMax, Ch0wW, Dr. Sean, Hekksy, Hobomaster, HyperEye, Manc, and Nautilus for all of their hard work and contributions that made this release possible.

Most of the changelog can be found below:
  • Added "lobby" support to MAPINFO to allow players to create lobby maps
  • Added compatibility for Freedoom 0.10 to 0.11.2
  • Added hud_scoreboard_ondeath (default 1). This now allows us to hide the scoreboard on death.
  • Added hud_demobar to now hide the progression bar during the playback of a demo
  • Added hud_heldflag_flash to enable or disable the flashing that occurs with the flag hud in CTF
  • Added options for filtering specific gamemode demos in the network settings
  • Added additional default binds to be more in alignment with modern shooter controls
  • Added sv_latency to simulate latency on the server. This command is intended for developers only and must be #defined in the source.
  • Added experimental server cvar "sv_download_test" (default 0). This is a change that will stop odasrv from constantly opening and closing a wad file for a user attempting to download. We are hoping this will stop lag spikes from happening when multiple users are attempting to download a pwad, however it can only be tested with large crowds. If it works out the cvar will be removed and it will be turned on permenantly
  • Added a "fast turn" bind for joysticks, similar to nxQuake2, making you react much better to oppoents or very close enemies by temporarily changing the sensitivity at the press of a button
  • Added vid_pillarbox, which will allow the user to stretch the picture to the full screen instead of using pillarboxing in lower resolutions like 640x480
  • Added sv_respawnsuper, which can enable respawning of super powerups like megasphere and invulnerability sphere
  • The warmup message now specifies which key needs to be pressed to "ready up"
  • The server will now inform the user that the maplist was cleared
  • Bobbing is now disabled in spectator mode and flying and mouselook are on by default
  • Fixed a bug where the client would hear switch activating sounds when connecting to a server
  • Fixed a bug where palette and blending would not be updated during intermission
  • Fixed a crash when using maplist with no wads specified
  • Fixed a crash that could happen if the WEAPON_RAISE state is called during the start of the demo
  • Fixed active moving sectors getting stuck when switching from in-game to spectator mode
  • Fixed the alt key getting stuck on Windows when moving in and out of the odamex window with tab
  • Fixed some vanilla demo desyncs
  • Fixed some sectors not having the floor and ceiling textures updated in online mode
  • Fixed being able to drown in god mode
  • Fixed co_globalsound not working as intended
  • Fixed vid_32bpp not refreshing the screen to re-enable 32bpp rendering
  • Fixed issue where many non-widescreen resolutions were getting stretched across the screen in fullscreen mode instead of having pillarboxes
  • Fixed an SDL issue that resulted in potentially having different mouse sensitivity in windowed mode vs fullscreen mode
  • In single-player mode, the game will now pause if the console is on screen
  • The client is now much better optimized for rendering transparency
  • Removed obsolete code that would only update sectors every 3rd tic that could result in desyncs
  • Remove cl_updaterate since it is no longer used
  • Remove update_rate from userinfo since it is no longer used

* Crash Dump Generator *

Despite all of the hard work that our developers put into Odamex, there can always be a bug hiding around the corner. One of the most frustrating types of bugs is one that causes Odamex to "hard crash" and shut the program. If you experience this on Windows, Odamex will now generate a crash dump file (ending in .dmp) in your Odamex directory. If this happens, you can upload that crash dump and an explanation of what happened to our bug tracker. Providing us access to this dump allows our developers to quickly uncover information regarding the crash and resolve the bug. Please create an account and provide information with your crash dump file if you experience a crash!

* Other Cool Things *

A huge shout out to Rude, who has developed plasmabump. Plasmabump is new hub for classic Doom deathmatch powered by Odamex. Official plasmabump servers track match data and use it to generate an ELO ladder, a stat-tracking system, and more. Head on over to the plasmabump site and, more importantly, hop into a plasmabump server today to stake your claim as a Doom deathmatch pro!

Also, please join us on the official Odamex Discord to chat with other players, organize games, and track development of the project!

A comprehensive list of additions and changes can be viewed here.

Download Odamex 0.8.1 for your preferred platform now!

Have fun!
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