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Topic: Odamex Nitro Special - 0.8.3 Release Party - Manual Flag Return RageCTF!  (Read 8894 times)

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Odamex Nitro returns for a one-night special event celebrating the release of 0.8.3! The development team spent many countless hours working on bug fixes and improved features, and now is the time to crack open the champagne. What better way to ring in the new version than getting some games in with the criminally underplayed Manual Flag Return mode? Manual Flag Return is simple; did you waste an opponent carrying your flag? Don't get comfortable yet, because you have to take that flag all the way back to your base and return it yourself. Combine that with RageCTF, and we got ourselves a party.

WHEN: Sunday, May 17th @ 5:00pm EDT
MAPS: 01 - 19

* Discussion & Download *

Join us on the official Odamex Discord to chat with other players, organize games, and track development of the project!

A comprehensive list of additions and changes can be viewed here.

Download Odamex 0.8.3 for your preferred platform now!

Have fun!
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