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Topic: Odamex 10.3.0 Released  (Read 8079 times)

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Odamex 10.3.0 Released
« on: December 11, 2022, 05:16:11 »
Odamex 10.3.0

Odamex version 10.3.0 has been released.

Another minor release with some nice new features thrown in.  The most noticeable new feature is the brand new PWAD selector tab when you start Odamex.  It will search the cl_waddownloaddir and waddirs cvars, the -waddir command line parameter, and DOOMWADDIR and DOOMWADPATH environment variables for WAD files.  You can select which ones you want to play and even rearrange their load order.

Aside from that, perhaps the most noticeable fixed bug is the fact that a long-standing weapon desync caused by picking up a weapon that was not known to the client yet has been addressed.  This should virtually eliminate cases where the wrong weapon is held at the start of levels or on a reset.

Odamex 10.3.0 is fully compatible with 10.0.0, 10.1.0, and 10.2.0 servers, so you can join any 10.x server and play with no issues!

The official release changelog can be viewed here.

Download Odamex 10.3.0 for your preferred platform now!
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