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Topic: Chex Quest 3 v2.0 Odamex Multiplayer Co-op Test  (Read 7103 times)

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Chex Quest 3 v2.0 Odamex Multiplayer Co-op Test
« on: March 03, 2024, 22:33:02 »
Mark your calendars: A public multiplayer co-op online test of the Odamex/ZDaemon port of Chex™ Quest 3 is now scheduled! It will take place on Saturday, March 16, 2024. The time will be 6 PM PST, 9 PM EST, 2 AM (SUN) London.

What you'll need: The Odamex DOOM source port. You can get it at (it's compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux). Odamex comes with its own server browser, odalaunch.exe, to find online game servers. You'll also need the original chex.wad. Odamex should automatically download and load them when you join the server.

This will be a casual, sight-seeing playthrough of all levels to give players time to experience and examine everything. The difficulty will be "Extreme Ooze!" with unlimited lives. The expected play time of all fifteen levels is around two hours, give or take.

While I won't be playing the game, I will be in the Odamex Discord server, streaming the action, offering dev commentary, and fielding any questions people might have.

When the test is done, all of the test WADs (for both the primary and Odamex/ZDaemon versions) will be uploaded. The next step will then be a planning stage with the Chex Quest community mod makers to determine what (if anything) needs to be fixed, and how to proceed forward to finalizing alternations to make things ready for prime time.

Visit for more details.
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