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Odamex 10.1.0 Released

Hekksy :: April 30, 2022, 06:07:06

Odamex 10.1.0
Odamex version 10.1.0 has been released. This release is mostly a bugfix and quality of life update. Notable differences is a slight overhaul of the Horde mechanics to adjust monster...

Odamex 10.0.0 Released

Hekksy :: February 14, 2022, 09:07:28

Odamex 10.0.0
Yes, 10.0.0.  At some point in the past decade and a half, Odamex went from a beta, work-in-progress port to a port stable enough to have been used for tournaments, events, and even...

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9454227Merge pull request #745 from bcahue/bugfix/fix-bad-glow-on-reset [BUGFIX] Fix r...
0cbd86efix spacing
6db8996use std::vector instead of int poiner for array
c277122Merge pull request #747 from bcahue/feature/add-consolidated-steam-dirs [FEATUR...

Issue Tracker

751[BUG] MBF21 map `hellcinerator.wad` crashes Odamex
750[BUGFIX] Fix automap scrolling with follow mode off
749[BUGFIX] Send line specials activated via ACS through the proper logic path
748Spectating and alt+tabbing bug

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