Compiling using Cygwin

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Odamex can be downloaded and built in cygwin!


You should follow the instructions below, and then proceed with Compiling using a Makefile.

Cygwin packages

You will first need to install the following cygwin packages in addition to the default ones:

  • make
  • gcc
  • subversion (only if you intend to use svn within cygwin)


Odamex depends on SDL and SDL_mixer. You will need to download the current windows development libraries from the SDL site (VC6 libraries work fine for this). You'll need to extract the libraries and edit SDL_LOCATION and SDL_MIXER_LOCATION in the Odamex Makefile to point there.

SDL hack

Unfortunately, SDL does not always play ball with cygwin's headers. The biggest offender has been a conflict between <SDL_config_minimal.h> and <stdint.h>. You may need to edit the following two lines in <SDL_config_minimal.h>:

  • typedef signed int int32_t;
  • typedef unsigned int uint32_t;

To read:

  • typedef signed long int int32_t;
  • typedef unsigned long int uint32_t;

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